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LanceList - Issue #152

Pizza Bot; Lunar Probe Glitch; A Lighter Version of Windows; Fun


February 27 · Issue #152 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

Pizza Bot; Lunar Probe Glitch; A Lighter Version of Windows; Fun

Pizza Bot. Why is it that whenever we talk about the apex of automated home delivery or even autonomous delivery vehicles, it always ends up at Pizza Delivery? Just how much pizza are we ordering? On the other hand, I am intrigued by the Agility Robotics Digit. It’s a rather svelte, if not a little odd-looking, bot that could change the face of home delivery. It can walk on two “legs,” carry a pizza box (or some other box) with two “arms,” and can self-navigate. Unlike Boston Dynamics Atlas, it cannot do backflips.
The 'Digit' robot could be the future of humanoid pizza deliveries
Moon glitch. The privately-funded, Israeli Moon probe might take a little longer to get to its lunar destination. Launched atop of SpaceX rocket a week ago, the Beresheet (Hebrew for “Genesis”) probe did an unexpected reboot and missed a planned maneuver. This doesn’t mean it won’t end up being the first privately-built probe to land on the moon, but it might not happen on April 11, as planned.
Israeli Lunar Lander Suffers Glitch on Way to the Moon | Space
Tiny Windows. It’s no surprise that ultra-affordable Chromebooks running Google’s ultra-light ChromeOS have been selling extremely well, especially in education. This does not make Microsoft, maker of what is still the World’s most popular OS, Windows, happy. Now there are rumors that Microsoft is working on a LiteOS version of Windows that can run on almost any low-powered CPU, including ARM chips (the kind that run in your smartphones). While this does make some sense, it should be noted that many of our smartphones are as powerful as mid-range PCs. So, I have to wonder, do we really need a lite version of Windows?
Microsoft's answer to Chromebooks may be 'Lite OS'
Fruit games. I like Avocados well enough, but I never thought I’d want to play a mobile game featuring the savory green fruit. Avo from Playdeo, though, is an intriguing blend of animation, live action, and story-telling. Plus, one of the developers helped create one of my favorite games: Monument Valley. The iOS game arrives on Feb 28.
‘Avo’ for iOS shows even sentient stone fruits can be heroes
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