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LanceList - Issue #14

Artist spotlight, Inside Apple's TV App, Battery breakthrough


March 19 · Issue #14 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

Artist spotlight, Inside Apple’s TV App, Battery breakthrough

Create. One of my favorite things about technology is all the ways it’s expanded the creative process. I’ve been drawing on computers for more than 30 years. Generally, computers and tablets add to your creative abilities. Layers alone are a transformative feature. Even so, technology only takes you so far. I know my limits as an artist and just how hard it can be to achieve traditional media effects, which is why artists like Wahyu Ichwandardi (“Pinot,” for short) are so impressive. Over the past couple of years, the Indonesia animator, who now lives in New York, has been using old technology, like an Apple II, to recreate Star Wars scenes and trailers. The work he does on Instagram, Twitter and Vine (RIP) is inspiring and will make you want to push the artistic limits of your own technology.
Turn on, tune in. I have a few Apple TVs in my home, but until recently, I wasn’t using them to their full potential. Turns out there’s a lot of TV under the ugly TV App. Apple is pulling in all your TV-viewing habits, subscriptions and a whole lot of live TV content suggestions across categories like News, What’s Next and, most recently, Sports. It happens to be a great platform for March Madness, if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s a bold and smart move by Apple and I’m pretty sure most of you have not spent much time in it. Read this and then take a closer look.
March Madness: Inside the best Apple TV feature you’re probably not using
My Neighbor Oregon. There’s probably never been as spot-on a recreation of his style or tribute to legendary Japanese director and animator Hayao Miyazaki as what Oregon created to promote tourism to its state. It’s a beautiful, 90-second spot that will leave Miyazaki fans wanting more. For those unfamiliar with the true Miyazaki, I suggest you rent Spirited AwayPrincess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle.
Oregon Made This Beautiful Miyazaki-Inspired Tourism Ad That's Straight Out Of An Acid Trip - Digg
What did Facebook know? Data firm Cambridge Analytica allegedly sucked up the personal data of 50 million Facebook users and handed over the intelligence to the Donald Trump campaign during the 2016 Presidential Elections.  No one stole anything, but Cambridge Analytics apparently used an app to gather the data and then violated Facebook’s policies by holding onto it. Hillary Clinton has long contended that Cambridge Analytica gave Trump an edge in the election. This may be that smoking gun. As for Facebook, it demanded CA delete the data and suspended that app, but there may have been an insider helping CA. It’s a truly tangled mess.
Facebook investigating employee's links to Cambridge Analytica - Mar. 18, 2018
New power. Our phones, tablets, and electric cars all use similar battery technology: Lithium Ion. Its limits are obvious to anyone who owns a smartphone. Great battery life in the beginning and rapidly diminishing recharge returns over time. Nanotechnology, new chemistry, and ingredients, including silicon, could change the amount of power these batteries hold and their lifespans. It could be a game-changer – if you’re patient.
The Battery Boost We’ve Been Waiting for Is Only a Few Years Out - WSJ
Coming Up
Talking tech. On Monday at around 1PM ET, I’ll be on the Daily Tech Show talking about Facebook and other tech news of the day. Tune in!
Daily Tech News Show | Helping each other understand.
Apple time. Apple will hold its first product event of the year in Chicago. It will be held at a school and, naturally, education-focused. Odds-makers are betting we’ll see a new iPad and maybe a new Apple Pencil. I’ll be there on March 27 with live updates. Should be fun.
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