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LanceList - Issue #139

Facebook's Big Messaging Plan; Opportunity Rover Out; Moment Lens Hands On


January 28 · Issue #139 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

Facebook’s Big Messaging Plan; Opportunity Rover Out; Moment Lens Hands On

On message. Facebook wants to combine the back ends of its three messaging systems: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp. That would mean end-to-end encryption for all messages on the mixed platform. Sounds great, right? Obviously, not everyone is thrilled with this idea. Some are concerned that this plan could run afoul of antitrust rules. To be clear, you probably wouldn’t notice the change, until Facebook Messenger offered to let you communicate directly with WhatsApp users.
Facebook's plan to merge its messaging services ignites further antitrust concerns
Out of options. 15 years after it touched down on the red planet and started delivering remarkable data and images, the plucky Mars Opportunity Rover may finally be dead. A long-running dust-storm has made it impossible for the rover to charge. It’s been silent for months. NASA and the rest of us will be sad to say goodbye, but it is worth remembering that Rover outlasted its anticipated lifespan by years.
NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover may have 'died' in dust storm, scientists fear | Fox News
Private Ayes. It’s Data Privacy Day and who better to talk to you about it than Facebook? I know, I know, the same social media giant which has had some difficulty in recent months keeping a lock-tight grip on your data. Well, that hasn’t stopped millions of you from using Facebook, so maybe it does make sense to follow its guidance on how to manage your data privacy.
Marking Data Privacy Day 2019 | Facebook Newsroom
Fake Tubers. Some YouTube stars have, literally, millions of fans, any one of whom would love to get a personal message from their favorite YouTube artists. Unfortunately, scammers know this, too. Now some YouTube famous are warning their fans about fake messages purported to be from them. They come through YouTube’s messaging system, so they appear legit. But they’re not. Fan beware.
YouTube stars warn of impersonation scam - BBC News
Accessorize. The camera system on the iPhone XS is quite good, but there will always be limits to what you can do with the tiny lenses on this or any camera phone. Over the years, I’ve used a few phone lens add-ons. Moments are among the best and they just keep upping the ante with a better attachment system and, now, a battery case, a new app that adds a lot of near-pro-level control to your smartphone photography, and a wild anamorphic lens. I took them all for a test drive.
Hands on Moment's Awesome Anamorphic Lens and Pro Photo Case!
P.S. Aaaaay!
P.S.S. Screwed
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