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LanceList - Issue #137

Folding Phones; Steel Spaceship; Netflix's Oscar Run; Moon Show


January 23 · Issue #137 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

Folding Phones; Steel Spaceship; Netflix’s Oscar Run; Moon Show

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Folded up. The hot new trend in smartphone technology is, clearly, folding phones. No, I don’t mean the old flip phones we loved or that are favored by today’s senior set. There are phones with large OLED displays draped over hard bodies that fold into segments. I saw one at CES and both Motorola and Samsung are introducing their own folders soon. However, all the bendable phones I’ve seen thus far offer just one bend. Not to be outdone, Xiaomi just teased a phone that bends twice! It basically starts phablet size and folds into a tiny, thick slab. It’s pretty wild, but is it practical? In fact, I still wonder if anyone really wants one of these flexi phones. I guess we’ll know soon enough.
Xiaomi teases a double-folding smartphone… ohhai digital triptych! – TechCrunch
A classic space act. SpaceX’s Starship (formerly known as BFR) is exciting because of its enormous lift capacity. Its capacity to take large, heavy objects into low earth orbit will be greater than any rocket that’s come before it. That capability makes it the perfect launch vehicle for long-range missions (hello, Mars). However, the most interesting thing about the Starship may be its look. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has convinced the team to build it out of stainless steel, giving the Starship a very retro look. As usual, though, there is some very some scientific reasoning behind the unusual rocket material choice.
Elon Musk Interview: Why the Starship Is Built of Stainless Steel
Welcome to the show. Netflix’s Roma collected 10 Oscar nominations, which is a stunning achievement on many levels. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, the Foreign Language film, which Netflix picked up during the film festival circuit, might never have qualified for the Academy Awards if the streaming company hadn’t decided to start showing some films in physical theaters. Roma only ran exclusively in brick and mortar buildings for a few weeks and now it’s on Netflix, too, but that was enough. Now Netflix could walk away with many of Oscars’ biggest prizes and the accolades have prompted the tech company to join the Motion Picture Association of America; it’s the first, but probably not the last, to do so. Expect Netflix to field more award-worthy films in the future and theater owners to freak the heck out.
Oscar Nominations: ‘Roma’ And ‘The Favourite’ Lead With 10 Each; ‘Black Panther’ Among Best Pic Noms
Show off. I stood out in the frigid cold trying to catch a few decent photos of the incredible Super Blood Wolf Moon, but I’ve got to hand it to the people who watched through the night and captured not just the eerie reddish cast, but one intrepid meteorite striking the surface of the moon during the eclipse. It’s an incredible moment caught on digital film.
'A rock' hit the moon during the super blood wolf moon - ABC News
P.S. It’s not just your Gmail box that’s full
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