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LanceList - Issue #131

CES 2019 Special Report


January 7 · Issue #131 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

CES 2019 Special Report

Entering Las Vegas. Hello LanceList subscribers! In this special edition, I’m coming to you direct from the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where thousands of tech companies are doing their best to play a leading role in consumer lives. But, as in all things that happen in Vegas it’s a big gamble. There are so many companies crowded together vying for attention that many are sure to get lost in the mix. The good news for them and you is that I spent my first evening here checking out some truly interesting and bizarre technology.
Best thing since. Bread Bot, a giant, bread making and baking robot is a perfect illustration of hour our technology is weaving together all our needs, desires, and digital capabilities. Made by Wilkinson Bakery, this sprawling contraption uses over 100 sensors to measure, mix and bake all the ingredients for a wide assortment of bread types selected by bakers or consumers via a touch screen. It even lets consumers choose the finished loaf they want. I liked the final, warm, bready product, but a few others complained it was bland. I think they just don’t like the idea of a robot baking their bread.
I Ate Bread Made by a Robot!
Head on. I found a number of devices designed to help improve your headspace…literally. One is Hupnos. It’s a sleep mask that covers both your eyes and nose and listens for snoring. If you do snore, it buzzes gently, not to wake you up, but to get you to shift. If that fails, it increases pressure on your nose to try and help clear out the clogged passages that make the snoring sound.
Lance Ulanoff on Twitter: "This anti-snoring mask from Hupnos is kind of cool. #CES2018 #CESUnveiled… "
The other device I found, Clear Up, uses a little electrical charge to reach the nerves under your skin, but over your sinuses, to reduce sinus pain. The company told me that, while it’s not rated to reduce sinus pressure, the charges can induce some vasoconstriction that might, in fact reduce some of that pressure.
Lance Ulanoff on Twitter: "Clear Up uses a little electrical stimulation to “clear up” sinus pain. My sinuses are fine, but I tried it anyway. #CES2019…"
Return of the Rollaway. Last year I saw an early prototype of LG’s first rollaway 4K TV. Now they’re closer to a production model. It looks like they’ve refined the baking technology, but otherwise left the rolling and display technology as it was in 2018. One feature I especially like is the ability to roll out only a small portion of the screen and use that for a low-ish-profile news and weather display.
This TV rolls itself up and disappears when you don't want to watch it
Big Apple. Apple never attends CES, but you can still feel its presence. The company trolled Google with a CES 2019 billboard all about its own privacy efforts. But the bigger news came from Apple’s frenemy Samsung, which announced that Apple’s iTunes and TV content were coming to its Samsung TVs. Just like Apple to make huge waves without even putting a boat in the water.
Samsung TVs are getting iTunes as Apple seeks new revenue - CNN
CES 2019 24/7. If you don’t want to miss wacky and amazing innovations like a huggable rolling robot, luggage that follows you, or glasses that keep you from falling asleep behind the wheel, then you need to pay close attention to my Twitter feed where the CES 2019 gadget announcements are non-stop.
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