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LanceList - Issue #13

Game on, Sell Tesla, Jobs Hunter, Face It


March 17 · Issue #13 · View online
Tech stories that matter, Gadget Quests, nerd pursuits, and other things you ought to know.

Game on, Sell Tesla, Jobs Hunter, Face It

Real games. I’ve never had much to complain about when it comes to mobile games. I love Tiny Wings, Smash Hit and all the Infinity Blade action titles. They have console-level graphics, but not, true, console-level gaming. Co-op gaming is pretty much unheard of, which is probably why everyone is so excited about the arrival of Fortnite on iOS (invite only). It’s a co-op game which will eventually let mobile players play with/against console players. I’ve been reading the early reviews and gamers are pretty amped about it. One word of caution, if you don’t have an iPhone X, this game is probably not for you.
Fortnite on iOS runs like a dream - Polygon
Elon, don’t hate me. I’m a huge fan of everything Elon Musk does. SpaceX is inspiring. The Boring Company is fun and, maybe useful. The power and solar businesses are important and, to be honest, I want those solar tiles today. And I love the Tesla sedans. Drive one and you will dream about it for weeks, if not months. But that doesn’t change an uncomfortable fact about Tesla and the more affordable Model 3 electric car. Tesla is stumbling badly on production and I worry they won’t meet their 10K cars a week goal any time soon. So, I have a suggestion for Mr. Musk and it might leave him more time for his latest venture.
It’s time for Musk to sell Tesla – Lance Ulanoff – Medium
Humble beginnings. Before the iPhone, before the iPod, before the Mac and even before Apple, Steve Jobs was just another college drop-out looking for work. We know this because we have an early job application that includes only fragments of information and a misspelling or two. Reading it might make your feel good about yourself. Someone liked it so much they spent a lot of money at auction to own it. 
Steve Jobs' 1973 Job Application Sells for $174K | News & Opinion |
Face it. Apple’s Face ID on the iPhone X only unlocks the iPhone, but Apple’s clever new ad imagines it unlocking *everything.* It’s a fun, breezy watch that expertly gets the point across.
iPhone X — Unlock — Apple - YouTube
How Much?
I’ve been fiddling with the frequency of LanceList. Seven-days-a-week is too much, and a few times a week is not enough. Weekdays are good, but sometimes, I like to drop a weekend email, just to keep things interesting. What’s your preference? Let me know on Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #LanceList.
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