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LanceLetter - BernieMeme; Apple Rumors; Game Changes; Quest Tesla



January 25 · Issue #214 · View online

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What a relief

Meme town
Last week’s Bernie meme explosion reminded me that one of the reasons I love social media and technology is that they can combine to create pure joy.
A simple photo of a liberal, mitten-wearing senator from Vermont inspired thousands (if not millions) of hilarious images and videos that felt like, to be honest, a release after the stress of the last few weeks (to say nothing of the last 9 months).
Everyone joined in and our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds were filled with images of Senator Bernie Sanders on the Millennium Falcon, visiting with Abraham Lincoln, wrestling, sitting at the clay wheel with Demi Moore, appeared as the fly on Mike Pence’s head, and taking the subway (a personal favorite). The creativity was boundless and impressive. So many people know how to use Photoshop and quite a few have some impressive video editing skills, as well. Special kudos go to those who figured out how to keep Sander’s wispy hair intact.
The Bernie Meme’s time will pass (it may be done already), but it did make life feel a little more normal as we all collectively guffawed at countless images of a sexagenarian senator braving the inaugural cold in a thousand different environments.
Apple rumors
After the relative quiet of the holiday season and early January, the Apple rumor mill is spinning back up. There have been two solid weeks of leaks regarding the next MacBook Pro. Some promise the demise of the Touch bar (I’m not buying it), others say Apple is bringing back the SD card slot (much more likely).
There were also rumors about Apple grinding away at figuring out its first Virtual Reality headset. The fabric covering, I can buy, but those who think Apple might ever deliver a wearable with a fan inside of it are seriously off base. Can you imagine Apple selling something both bulky and noisy, and then expecting you to wear it on your face?
The point is, we’re probably getting close to another round of Apple product launches. I know some thought we might see Apple AirTags soon. I put that as a solid maybe.
Game town
Last week, Microsoft jacked up its Xbox Gold prices from $59.95 a year to roughly $120 a year and then almost as quickly reversed itself. The change would’ve amounted to a massive jump that most people think was designed to steer Xbox fans into the $9.99 a month Game Pass arena. People were freaking out, but most gamers I know already made the switch because of the excellent game access you get with Game Pass. Surely, in the long-term, Microsoft is looking to discontinue Xbox Gold. For now, though, pricing will remain fixed.
In other gaming news, GameStop’s stock price went through the roof last week. Kind of confounding with more and more gamers switching to streaming and ordering consoles from online sources. What hidden value am I missing here?
Silliest story
Are electric cars too quiet? I mean, I’ve driven them, been a passenger, and been around them. Yes, they are whisper quiet compared to their combustion counterparts. Is that a danger? Potentially for those who don’t pay attention or, perhaps, animals. Singer/actress Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney’s little sister) complained last week that Tesla is too quiet for her cats, some of which may or may not have met unfortunate ends because of the car.
Thing is, electric cars won’t get louder, but they usually have more sensor technology than your traditional cars. That in and of itself may be enough to protect little critters. The other thing is the drivers themselves. Please, folks, check around your cars, electric and otherwise, before you take your foot off the brake.
PSA: Keep your iPhone 12 way from your pacemaker.
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