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I'm back!

I'm back! I know, I know. It's been way too long since we last spoke, but I've been busy with a job,


July 27 · Issue #189 · View online
Stuff that matters.

I’m back!
I know, I know. It’s been way too long since we last spoke, but I’ve been busy with a job, the pandemic, and some real soul-searching.
I don’t suspect many of you missed me or even realized I was gone. Some will surely see this email newsletter in their inbox and hit delete without so much as a “where’s he been?”
That’s fine.
I’m returning to this platform (for now, at least) because I may want a back-channel, a way of talking frankly to you about not just technology, but the world at large.
Has there ever been a time like this? The level of uncertainty and stress is palpable. It’s a physical thing that all of us wade through on a daily basis. It exhausts and frightens us.
Technology is what binds us together and, paradoxically, drives us apart. We’re on each other’s screens and digitally in each other’s faces.
I want to talk about it all and I want to hear from you but I’m not sure how.
If you follow me on Twitter, you hear some (but not all) of my inner voice thoughts.
On YouTube, I keep in product-focused and light.
On Medium, I share product, industry, and general technology insights.
I haven’t podcast in ages, but am seriously considering launching something new where I can really let loose.
On TV, I tell you how to understand the bigger tech issues of the day (or I demonstrate fun gadgets).
Perhaps this newsletter (or one like it ) is where I go further.
What I can promise you is that LanceList is no longer about stuff you should read and other people’s links. I’m sure I’ll link out, but sending you off to read something else will not be the prime directive of this platform.
I’m also done with a newsletter schedule. I’ll send it when I have something to say. That could be once a week or once a month. I may even launch a premium service where you get more regular missives with deeper (and more useful) insights.
Last thought
Before I go, I thought I’d share the very brief story of how my last job ended and how perfectly it fits into the Gorgon that is 2020.
Like most of you, I’ve been working out of my house for the last five months. Zoom meetings are part of my daily routine, including the weekly standing one I had with my former boss.
On that fateful day, I logged in at the appointed time and instantly saw that there was an extra square on the screen: There was me, my boss, and a woman I did not recognize.
My immediate thought was that I had logged on too early and stepped into my boss’ last Zoom meeting. I started apologizing and almost logged off.
Speaking quickly, my boss informed me that this was my last day and that the mystery guest was a woman from HR. He exited the Zoom room quicker than you can say, “You’re fired,” and then it was just the two of us.
And that’s how I lost my job on Zoom.

P.S. Stay safe. Stay well. Wear a mask.

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