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Democratizing the Gig Economy

Democratizing the Gig Economy
By Alberto Lusoli • Issue #7 • View online
Hello and welcome everyone to the seventh issue of the Labora newsletter. If you are new here, welcome! If you want to help this newsletter to grow, feel free to forward this email to friends and colleagues.
This week I want to share some news about events which might profoundly impact the “Gig Economy” market. The title of this issue is a hopeful one, as most of the news shared this week refer to initiatives aimed at leveling the gig-economy playing field.
The Wired article talks about Up&Go, the new York based Uber of household chores. Unlike Uber, Up&Go workforce is composed of cooperatives and the technology behing the service was developed by a non-profit organization. The results, as you can read in the article, cast a positive light on the future of Platform cooperativism.
In the meantime, both US and EU are trying to regulate the far west of non-standard jobs. In California, the 9th Circuit ruled for the first time on a key question following a California Supreme Court’s ruling that made it harder for companies to label workers as independent contractors. While Europe is demanding increased transparency for those in “on-demand” jobs, such as at Uber or Deliveroo. The new regulation proposes more predictable hours and compensation for cancelled work, and an end to “abusive practices” around casual contracts.
Lastly, I want to highlight the work done by Worker Info Exchange, a nonprofit organization helping gig-workers to access, control and analyze the data they generate through their apps.
That’s all for this week. If you want to share your thoughts, feel free to send me a tweet with your ideas or contact me using the form at this page.

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Alberto Lusoli, Vancouver, CA. Canada