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Bitcoin Recap 12/20/17 - Coinbase investigating possible insider trading, NYSE wants bitcoin ETFs, and more! - Sponsored by


Kyle Torpey's Daily Bitcoin Recap

December 20 · Issue #138 · View online
Kyle Torpey has been a full-time Bitcoin writer and researcher since early 2014. Currently, he contributes regularly to Forbes and CoinJournal. His work has also appeared in Business Insider, VICE Motherboard, Nasdaq, and many other media outlets. Additionally, Kyle goes over the day's top Bitcoin stories in a daily YouTube show and podcast, which can be found at

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Kyle Torpey's content from today...
Nothing from me today.
Must read Bitcoin stories from today...
Coinbase Looks at Insider Trading After Offering Bitcoin Cash - Bloomberg
Tone Vays [#Bitcoin] on Twitter: "@coinbase Sooooo, "Insider Trading" Investigator over? Thanks @lordoftrade and other twitter detectives for breaking this one wide open... someone sho…"
NYSE files to list bitcoin ETFs, bringing cryptocurrency a step closer to mainstream
Daily cryptocurrency volumes vs. stock market volumes - Business Insider
Bitcoin-related names dominated among website domains registered in November
ETF's 'Spider-Woman' on Bitcoin, Fund Life Cycle – Bloomberg
E*Trade to Let Clients Trade Cboe Bitcoin Futures Contracts - Bloomberg
​Bitcoin owners and currency exchanges emerging targets for criminals: FireEye | ZDNet
Lightning Network Demo - YouTube
Edward Snowden Comments on Monero vs Zcash
Bring on the FUD: 2017 Was The Year Bitcoin Became Anti-Fragile - CoinDesk
Bitcoin owners, you need to do these two things right now
Forkgen makes it easy(ish) to create your own Bitcoin fork
Here's Why Louisiana Is the Best Place in America to Mine Bitcoin | Fortune
BoE's Carney sees problems with central-bank issued cryptocurrencies | Reuters
Kuwait Government bans cryptocurrency trading – Money Broker
Bitcoin price and Wall Street stories from today...
Bitcoin is biggest bubble of them all, says Ron Paul
Big Hedge Funds Want In on Bitcoin - WSJ
Bitcoin as Money? Here's How It'll Happen - Bloomberg Gadfly
TD Ameritrade CEO weighs in on the future of cryptocurrency
Bull market could explain a mania like bitcoin
What These Obscure Companies Were Doing Before They Pivoted to Crypto - Bloomberg
Bitcoin adoption and dark web economy stories...
This dominatrix makes men mine cryptocurrency for her — and she now has over $1 million - MarketWatch
Why aren't markets using SegWit?
Bitcoin technical stories from today...
This Lightning Network Designer Is Re-Inventing Bitcoin Smart Contracts — Bitcoin Magazine
why the Lightning Network channel can't Increase balance? · Issue #437 · lightningnetwork/lnd · GitHub
Why don't we do another soft fork enforcing Segwit by a certain block? : Bitcoin
Understanding Simplicity: implementing a smart contract language in 30 lines of Haskell
ZeroLink Test Aftermath — Best Anonymity Set Successfully Achieved: 26, General Evaluation…
OpenBazaar Development Updates - December 20, 2017 - OpenBazaar
Bitcoin company stories from today...
NiceHash re-opening; All users to get lost/hacked funds returned. : Bitcoin
Bitstamp Update: High Demand
GMO Internet Launches Cryptocurrency Mining Business - GMO Internet, Inc.
Altcoin and ICO stories from today...
Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Hit With Class Action Lawsuit - CoinDesk
54% of reachable Bcash full nodes are running on virtual servers of Alibaba in China, against only 2% of Bitcoin, hmmmm : Bitcoin
Litecoin creator Charlie Lee sells entire LTC holding - Business Insider
The etherdelta domain was hijacked. Please do not use the site right now. : ethereum
Massive Brute-Force Attack Infects WordPress Sites with Monero Miners
Bitcoin regulation stories from today...
U.S. regulator plays down bitcoin fears, backs fintech charter | Reuters
Singapore Central Bank Urges 'Extreme Caution' on Bitcoin Investment - CoinDesk
Other stories from today...
Banks trying to come down on crypto investers!! Tell them what you think!! : Bitcoin
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