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Bitcoin Recap 01/19/18 - Kim Dotcom to launch Bitcoin sidechain, SEC throws water on bitcoin ETF possibilities, and more!


Kyle Torpey's Daily Bitcoin Recap

January 19 · Issue #154 · View online

Kyle Torpey has been a full-time Bitcoin writer and researcher since early 2014. Currently, he contributes regularly to Forbes and CoinJournal. His work has also appeared in Business Insider, VICE Motherboard, Nasdaq, and many other media outlets. Additionally, Kyle goes over the day's top Bitcoin stories in a daily YouTube show and podcast, which can be found at

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Kyle Torpey's content from today...
Op-Ed: Bitcoin’s High Fees are Forcing Companies to Optimize Their Interactions with the Blockchain, And That’s a Good Thing - Coinjournal
Must read Bitcoin stories from today...
Kim Dotcom on Twitter: "The Bitcache update Bitcoiners have been waiting for 😘… "
Bitcoin ETFs Dealt Setback as SEC Underscores Risk to Investors - Bloomberg
PBoC Reportedly Orders Payment Services to Stop Serving Crypto Traders - CoinDesk
Cryptocurrency mining is now so big it's showing up in TSMC's earnings — Quartz
Regulate bitcoin but don't ban, says former FDIC chair
Here’s How Scammers Are Using Fake News To Screw With Bitcoin Investors
North Korea reportedly behind another cryptocurrency cyber attack - Business Insider
Obelisk Threaten Soft Fork in Reaction to Bitmain Antm... | News | Cointelegraph
Blockstream - Blockstream Bids Farewell to Gregory Maxwell
Cryptocurrency buyers opt for debt review | Cape Argus
Man bought drugs from dark web to avoid ‘bad, stupid’ dealers
Bitcoin rival’s rise unnerves banking sector
The Power of Schnorr: The Signature Algorithm to Increase Bitcoin's Scale and Privacy — Bitcoin Magazine
More bitcoin price and Wall Street stories from today...
Why the recent bitcoin crash is good for crypto
We talked to a strategist at one of the world's largest asset managers about cryptocurrencies, stocks, and the rise of passive investing | Markets Insider
This Singapore Hedge Fund Unit Is Raising Money for a Crypto Arbitrage Fund - Bloomberg
Weiss Ratings starts grading cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency traders in Korea took the 'bloodbath' to another level - Business Insider
Machines in Singapore sold out of bitcoin as prices drop below US$10k, Economy News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
Cryptocurrency investors brace for regulation crackdown
More bitcoin adoption stories...
Banks collected 2.2 bln won in virtual currency trading commission last year: FSS
Bitcoin craze brings generation conflict
News anchor on crypto : Buttcoin
More bitcoin technical stories from today...
The Lightning Network Could Make Bitcoin Faster—and Cheaper | WIRED
State of the Lightning Network
Cornell IC3 Researchers Propose Solution to Bitcoin’s Multisig “Paralysis” Problem
More bitcoin industry stories from today...
⚡️🎲 - Spamming the tBTC Lightning Network, one hop at a time.
OKCoin Eyes Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch in South Korea - CoinDesk
Phillip Gillespie, Goldman trader named B2C2 Japan CEO, on regulators - Business Insider
More bitcoin dark web, hacking, and scam stories...
U.S. CFTC sues three virtual currency operators for fraud | Reuters
Bulgaria Joins 'International Operation' Against OneCoin - CoinDesk
Hong Kong bitcoin trader lured to bogus meeting and robbed of HK$1.4 million | South China Morning Post
SamSam Ransomware Hits Hospitals, City Councils, ICS Firms
Liverpool hacker jailed for cyberattacks on Google and Skype
Ransomware: Why the crooks are ditching bitcoin and where they are going next | ZDNet
A bitcoin miner Facebook phishing scam is catching people out — Quartz
If you are still using bitcoin, use a wallet that is segwit ready. You'll save about 50% in fees.
More altcoin and ICO stories from today...
Half a billion dollars worth of Tether created in the past 5 days
Massachusetts Sues ICO Organizer for Alleged Securities Violations - CoinDesk
One lightning network TX is 18,000 times CHEAPER than bcash. : Bitcoin
More bitcoin regulation stories from today...
India sends tax notices to cryptocurrency investors as trading hits $3.5 billion | Reuters
Bitcoin use under scrutiny in Indonesian island of Bali | Reuters
Unconfirmed bitcoin stories from today...
My Finance professor just spent an hour and a half teaching about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology : Bitcoin
Other stories from today...
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