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Bitcoin Recap 01/17/18 - Bitcoin drops 50% from all-time high, China to ban OTC trading, and more!


Kyle Torpey's Daily Bitcoin Recap

January 17 · Issue #152 · View online
Kyle Torpey has been a full-time Bitcoin writer and researcher since early 2014. Currently, he contributes regularly to Forbes and CoinJournal. His work has also appeared in Business Insider, VICE Motherboard, Nasdaq, and many other media outlets. Additionally, Kyle goes over the day's top Bitcoin stories in a daily YouTube show and podcast, which can be found at

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Kyle Torpey's content from today...
Kyle Torpey on Twitter: "Should I remove my own articles from the top of my newsletter and include them organically with all of the other news from the day?"
BitConnect closes down major platforms |
Kyle Torpey on Twitter: "A peak into the current state of the /r/BitConnect subreddit, which is invite only, via /r/Buttcoin. Dark stuff."
Must read Bitcoin stories from today...
Bitcoin Sinks Below $10,000 to Bring Monthlong Rout to 50% - Bloomberg
Bitcoin is 'definitely not dead,' says one analyst
Citi sees bitcoin potentially halving in value again | Reuters
What caused January's bitcoin and cryptocurrency market crash - Business Insider
A Suicide Prevention Hotline Was the Top Post on the Cryptocurrency Subreddit Yesterday - Motherboard
Bitcoin (BTC) price tumbles as China plans to widen crackdown on cryptocurrency trading — Quartz
The Sidechains Breakthrough Almost Everyone in Bitcoin Missed - CoinDesk
India's love for bitcoin is strong, despite RBI and government warnings — Quartz
Blockstream - Lightning Charge Powers Developers & Blockstream Store
elizabeth stark on Twitter: "@TraceMayer @Blockstream @coinbase @BitPay @adam3us Bug testing should be on testnet, not mainnet. Especially when the devs are still losing money. 🙃"
World's Largest Spam Botnet Is Pumping and Dumping an Obscure Cryptocurrency
Note: I am still waiting for someone credible to confirm the Mitsubishi exchange/cryptocurrency story from yesterday. Details reported in cryptocurrency media outlets seem questionable.
Cryptomining is doing more harm to PC gaming than piracy and DRM ever did : pcgaming
More bitcoin price and Wall Street stories from today...
Cryptocurrency doesn’t have the same price between countries — here’s why
BitPay's Singh Calls Bitcoin Selloff an Overreaction – Bloomberg
What Happens To Bitcoin Next: Here Is Goldman's Latest Technical Outlook | Zero Hedge
Cryptocurrency sell-off: bitcoin and ethereum performing better
Bitcoin Watchers Are Blaming the Slump on the Moon - Bloomberg
What Could Kill the Bitcoin Boom - Bloomberg
The First Blockchain ETFs Have Launched on the Nasdaq Exchange - CoinDesk
Bitcoin’s Power Needs May Be Overblown - Bloomberg
BofA Clients Welcome to Buy Bitcoin, CEO Says, Just Not at BofA - Bloomberg
Bitcoin's Nouveau Riche Run to Gold as Cryptocurrency Crashes - Bloomberg
Bitcoin Mining Could Power Growth For World's Biggest Chip Makers - Bloomberg
The end of an era and the beginning of something new - Bitwala Blog
Visa CEO on bitcoin: People want a fair exchange of value
The bitcoin plunge is crushing crypto-craze stocks
As the first bitcoin futures expire, price and volume concerns arise
More bitcoin adoption stories...
A Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency, According to Nipsey Hussle - XXL
South Africans are selling their cars for Bitcoin
More bitcoin technical stories from today...
Mining Incentives – Part 3 – Short-Term vs. Long-Term – BitMEX Blog
More bitcoin industry stories from today...
Inside the world of Chinese bitcoin mining | | Al Jazeera
Due to Unrealistic Policy?: New Exchanges Spring Up Despite Cryptocurrency Regulations | BusinessKorea
The first Stable version of BTCPay is out: BTCPayServer and NBXplorer Next stable version will include Lightning Network. (by Nicolas Dorier) : Bitcoin
Investors face barriers trying to turn bitcoin profits into pounds
More bitcoin dark web, hacking, and scam stories...
Merced man sentenced for selling drugs on the dark web | Merced Sun-Star
Satori Botnet Is Now Attacking Ethereum Mining Rigs
More altcoin and ICO stories from today...
Cryptocurrency sell-off: Tether faring better than rest
$200 Million Worth of Tether Created in the Past 24 Hours
Ripple Falls Below $1, Down 75% From All-Time High
Why This Startup Took Part of Its Venture Funding in XRP - CoinDesk
Venezuela says 'false information' published about petro cryptocurrency | Reuters
Justin Smith on Twitter: "@AppStore @Apple why do you keep rejecting my team's app? It meets all App Store guidelines; the reason for rejection seems like a joke. We…"
Litecoin has lost half its value since the creator sold all of his stake | Markets Insider
Cryptocurrency Surge Sent Lawsuit Stake Soaring to $16 Billion - Bloomberg
CBlocks Is A New Mystery Box Service For Crypto Coins
More bitcoin regulation stories from today...
U.S. Treasury Sees Virtual Currencies as ‘Evolving Threat’ - Bloomberg
Proposed US Task Force Would Tackle Crypto Use in Terrorism Financing - CoinDesk
Unconfirmed bitcoin stories from today...
Malaysian Authorities Raid "Illegal" Bitcoin Mining Operations
Business from the inside out: drugs packer - Deep Dot Web
Capital One blocking all coinbase transactions : Bitcoin
Other stories from today...
Bitcoin Isn't the Future of Money - Bloomberg
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