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02/08/18 - Toledo man arrested with $5 million worth of bitcoin, Amir Taaki interview, and more!


Kyle Torpey's Daily Bitcoin Recap

February 8 · Issue #166 · View online

Kyle Torpey has been a full-time Bitcoin writer and researcher since early 2014. Currently, he contributes regularly to Forbes and CoinJournal. His work has also appeared in Business Insider, VICE Motherboard, Nasdaq, and many other media outlets. Additionally, Kyle goes over the day's top Bitcoin stories in a daily YouTube show and podcast, which can be found at

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Must read Bitcoin stories from today...
Toledo man arrested, $4.7M in Bitcoin seized in large-scale fake ID case - The Blade
Anarchist cryptocurrency hacker Amir Taaki says bitcoin is in a speculative bubble — Quartz
Bush Security Advisor Warns Against Blockchain Cold War - CoinDesk
IRS Cops Are Scouring Crypto Accounts to Build Tax Evasion Cases - Bloomberg
UpBit guarantees Tether will be 1:1 USD even if there's a future USDT problem. : BitcoinMarkets
Wells Fargo strategist: Bitcoin and the market are correlated
How An Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam Put A Texas Car Show In Peril
The end is in sight, right?
The Crypto Candidate for Congress - Bloomberg
Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, has suspended trading — but says it wasn’t hacked | Markets Insider
Portfolio View + No Fees for the Next 2 Weeks - Abra
Dem congressman pushes to keep white supremacists away from cryptocurrency | TheHill
BitPesa acquires TransferZero [Video]
More bitcoin price and Wall Street stories from today...
Brokerage App Robinhood Thinks Bitcoin Belongs in Your Retirement Plan - Bloomberg
Bitcoin: Goldman Sachs spotted a way to make money trading futures - Business Insider
Blockchain name-grabbing has echoes of dotcom bubble | Reuters
Winklevoss twins: Bitcoin will be worth 40 times current value
More bitcoin adoption and awareness stories...
How Rich You Could Have Been With Hindsight Financial - CONAN : Bitcoin
Dutch cryptocurrency investors tripled in six months | NL Times
Shower yourself with Bitcoin | The Outline
MGMT's new song: "Me and Michael" contains Bitcoin animation! : Bitcoin
More bitcoin industry stories from today...
Bitfinexed is a sensationalist, a liar, a fraud, and an opportunist
Crypto's Price Correction Isn't Killing the Industry High - CoinDesk
Full Segwit & Transaction Batching on Bitpanda – Bitpanda
Improving identity verification on Coinbase – The Coinbase Blog
More bitcoin technical stories from today...
New version of the Bulletproofs paper is online: . Greatly expanded the evaluation section. BPs are now implemented in libsecp256k1. Amazing work by Andrew Poelstra and @pwuille . Batch verifying 16 aggregate range proofs=16 ECDSA signatures (It's fast) : Bitcoin
So How Do I Really Do An Atomic Swap – Hacker Noon
Another block at 2MB+ : Bitcoin
More bitcoin dark web, hacking, and scam stories...
Ransomware gets easier for would-be crooks as developers offer malware-as-a-service | ZDNet
More altcoin and ICO stories from today...
Porn Sites Are Doing the Most Cryptocurrency Mining - Motherboard
Criminals Are Ditching Bitcoin for Litecoin and Dash, Study Says - Bloomberg
John McAfee has a new business: writing white papers for crappy ICOs
More bitcoin regulation stories from today...
Banning cryptocurrency would be as sensible as banning the internet | TheHill
New York Mandates Stronger Fraud Controls for Crypto Companies - CoinDesk
Arizona might allow people to pay taxes via bitcoin | Fox News
Coin Center's Van Valkenburgh on Regulating Cryptocurrencies – Bloomberg
Japanese Regulators to Increase Crypto Exchange Inspections - CoinDesk
Connecticut Lawmaker Pitches Crypto Transaction Fee in New Bill - CoinDesk
US Lawmaker Wants Members of Congress to Disclose Crypto Assets - CoinDesk
Self-managed super funds warned over cryptocurrency lure - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Full Tilt Capital's Pompliano Says Crypto Regulators Deserve More Credit – Bloomberg
ECB Wakes Up to Bitcoin as Virtual World Touches Reality - Bloomberg
Cryptocurrency Tops EU Watchdog's 2018 Agenda - CoinDesk
Crypto Should Try Self-Regulation, CFTC Commissioner Says - CoinDesk
UPDATE 1-Qatar central bank warns against trading in bitcoin | Reuters
Unconfirmed bitcoin stories from today...
Can any developers please share input on this? Us non-devs see something like this and immediately fear potential for 51% attack. Please reassure my feeble mind :) : Monero
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