Frameworks & Finance

By Kurtis Hanni

Weekly learn concepts in frameworks and finance that help you live a more intentional life — both personally and professionally.

Weekly learn concepts in frameworks and finance that help you live a more intentional life — both personally and professionally.

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A framework for getting the most important work done

Framework of the Week: Focus on high-leverage workNot all work is created equal, yet we often treat it as equal.When you look at the profile of work, you can break it down into high leverage and low leverage tasks.Low leverage tasks would be:emaildata entryTh…


The trick to winning at Twitter

The regularly scheduled post will still be delivered on Thursday - talk then!In July of last year I started my podcast. By September/October I'd experienced some growth, but it was minuscule.I was frustrated... I'd not been on social media at all for 2 full y…


9 reasons you should track your net worth (and how)

Another note of interest: I’m “relaunching” this newsletter and my podcast in 2 weeks. Each week I'll send 1 framework and 1 finance concept. I’m excited about the new format because I’ll be able to bring even more value!At that point, I’ll update the sending…


15 Financial Lessons I wish I'd learned at 20

This week I turned 36.When it comes time for my birthday, I always like to use these times to reflect.I feel lucky that my birthday falls in June, because it is a natural middle-of-the-year check-in.My process when doing this is:Look at my goals for the year;…


Get 10 hours back each week

Close to 10 years ago I was constantly overwhelmed at work. I always found myself stressed, behind, and struggling to keep up.So, I started looking into productivity systems. One of the first I found was Getting Things Done by David Allen. I implemented much …


Use this framework to create a habit in 4 easy steps

And it's not Atomic Habits!


13 common biases and how to combat them

Cognitive biases are unconscious errors we make that arise from errors in our thought process.They show up when we perceive things through the filter of our own experiences and preferences. A good example of a cognitive bias is paying attention to only news s…


Why you need to understand Financial Statements

When I graduated college, I thought I loved accounting. In reality, I loved the operations of business.As I’ve gotten further in my career, I’ve found myself caring less about the numbers and more about the strategy behind the numbers.In the roles I’ve played…


10 signs your career has stalled and 8 ways to jumpstart it

I’ve always been a golfer. I started as a young tike and would join my dad on his rounds.He made a rule that I could hit my ball but only if I hit before he got to it.Each time we went out it became a game. I ran, ran, ran to my ball. Hit it, ran ran ran to m…


If you're a business owner or executive, read this

I've been preparing for this day for years.Maybe not directly, but I've worked as a CFO for small businesses for over 10 years. During that time, I've come across a million (yes, literally) scenarios that have created the foundation of knowledge I have today.…


10 ways to be more content in life

No matter who you are, it's easy to get caught up in comparison.Comparison to your friends, your coworkers, your community... the ways we can compare are endless.When you add social media to the list, it becomes even more difficult to stop comparing ourselves…


9 tips to improve your focus

A few years back I realized that I was constantly distracted and found myself mindlessly checking social media over and over again. We’ve all done it, right? It caused me to reflect on what I was getting from social media, as well, and I realized it was nothi…


The dangers of comparison and how to avoid falling into the trap of it

Growing up in public schools, there are many things I remember well. The craziness in the hallways between class, my favorite teachers, the class where I played cards with a friend and we kept score on the back whiteboard, and the different people that you’ve…


Your coffee habit isn't sabotaging your retirement, your mindset is

First of all... 1,000 subscribers!


The SMART(S) Goal Framework

I feel like everyone under the sun has heard of the S.M.A.R.T. Goal framework. If you haven’t, here is what the acronym stands for:SpecificMeasurableAchievableRealisticTime-boundThe idea is simple: create goals that meet this qualification and you’re much mor…


Use the Goldilocks Rule to get results and one strategy to deploy

Before we dive in...Are you interested in growing and monetizing on Twitter?In October I had 1,000 followers and was frustrated with growth. Tuesday I passed 20,000! How did I do it?I joined the Create, Publish, Profit (CPP) cohort by Art of Purpose.CPP helpe…


Calling all CEOs, business owners, and executives - a special announcement for you!

For 10+ years, I’ve been responsible for the finances of small businesses. I’ve helped the owners of these businesses optimize their use of cash and manage their long-term strategy.Today, I’m opening up a waitlist form for an interactive cohort-based course c…


4 questions to identify your talent and 11 ways to maximize it

When watching Lebron James play basketball, I’ve found myself feeling like we’re not even the same species. Same goes for many professional athletes.I could never do what he does. I definitely don’t have the height or skill. But, I could duplicate some of wha…


Your friends determine your outcomes

When you’re growing up, you have very little control over your circle. Your parents take you from place to place, determine who you can socialize with, and exert control on your social schedule.What tragedy, right? 8-year-old Kurtis couldn’t socialize with wh…


How to grow on Twitter: a discount code and an offer available TODAY only

Over the past 20 days, my Twitter following has grown from 7,000 to over 16,000. 🤯