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Eating Elephants

Kunal Bhalla
Kunal Bhalla
Notes on software engineering, programming, tools and emacs with the occasional detour.

Eating Elephants
Ramping up on large software projects can be daunting and hard, but there are several ways to make the process tractable and less awkward: I describe several techniques and approaches I’ve learned over the past decade while ramping up on very different tech stacks. (Illustrations built with Dall E)
Eating Elephants
About expLog
As this is my very first newsletter update I’m adding a little bit more context on what this is all about: I write about software engineering, particularly on topics I spend a lot of time thinking about – or end up repeatedly advising others on.
Posts tend to be unfortunately sporadic, averaging 2-4 a year – which is why I’m also maintaining this newsletter and an RSS feed to help push updates out.
If you’re new here, I’d recommend checking out my series of posts on building developer tools:
And if you’d like to see what I’ve been thinking about or learning recently, feel free to go on a bummel
And if you’d like to see what I’ve been thinking about or learning recently, feel free to take a bummel
Other updates
I gave a tech talk on ML Monitoring & Observability at Data @ Scale 2022 with some colleagues; this covers some of the work I’ve been doing recently and involves several shiny new buzzwords like ML Ops.
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Kunal Bhalla
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