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Who is the GOAT?



February 9 · Issue #109 · View online
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Comic book artist Sergio García Sánchez - A Day in the CIty
Comic book artist Sergio García Sánchez - A Day in the CIty
Bedtime Reading
Here is a statistic for you. Only 10% of the plastic produced the last 70 years has been recycled. “Mr McCartney decided to develop specialist recycled-plastic additives after watching a practice sometimes employed in India to repair potholes. Plastic waste collected by pickers is piled into the hole and then set alight with diesel to form a molten mass”. Lets make crazy good plastic roads from recycled materials. You gotta love these ideas.
I can’t describe this next piece, so here are their own words. “In 2017, CNN senior writer Thomas Lake received a phone call from a woman who said she could prove that James Brown had been murdered. She contacted Lake because she’d read a 2009 Atlanta magazine story he wrote about the unsolved murder of Darren Lumar, a son-in-law of Brown. Lumar had also claimed that Brown was murdered”. CNN takes a deep dive into an informant that seems crazy at first but leads into a two year investigation that slowly makes sense. Lost in the woods with James Brown’s ghost.
If you love these type of investigative journalism pieces, you are gonna love this next one. Big story, built by Reuters only it investigates investigators. It’s one of those pieces that doesn’t often come along, kinda like Snowden. People don’t talk about these issues. Lives are at stake. The story even briefly touches on Snowden, tangentially. It’s an account of how over the last 10 years, the UAE decided and built from the ground a security team of hackers in order to target individuals. Initially staffed by former Booz Allen Hamilton operatives it eventually was transitioned to Emiratis. The reason for the transition was pretty clear. They needed to track and hack Americans. This is still ongoing of course. Project Raven.
When I took my kids to see the George Pompidou in Paris, my youngest, standing outside on the slope looking at the building, asked me why is the building like this. I said how do you mean and he replied it’s inside out, all the pipes are outside of the walls. This is today, in 2019. Imagine when the building was made back in 1971, by legendary architects Piano and Rogers. The building that is inside out and upside down.
Our life needs a little bit of upside down sometimes. It helps to put things in perspective. It helps explain things that you see but can’t quite understand. Shifts your point of view. You need this in the sense that you need the things to remain constant, to never change, to make sense, to point in a certain direction. Like a compass. Imagine a world without a compass. Impossible isn’t? Well just wait for the upcoming magnetic pole reversal. Upside down indeed.
One last article for you guys. This one is a very different article. It basically tries to ask a simple question in sports. Is Federer the best tennis player of all time? Only last month, during the Australian open, as a young up and coming player called Tsitsipas beat Federer and subsequently lost to Nadal, I was involved in a discussion about who is the GOAT? Greatest of all time. People like to discount Federer because he is the easy answer, he is the GOAT. But it is never about most titles, you gotta look at the complete picture here. Well this is a lovely article that tries to answer that, only with expert analysis and gorgeous data. If you love data analysis, you should love this article only on the presentation of its statistics. Roger Federer, 20 years 20 titles.
Patriot (TV Series 2015– )
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