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Where is God?



July 13 · Issue #127 · View online
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Artist Architect Kim Kiyeon
Artist Architect Kim Kiyeon
Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) By The The
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My relationship with God has always been one of respectful distance. I grew up in a Christian Orthodox family and as a kid went to church and was heavily involved with religion, albeit unwillingly. My father taught me to respect religion not only due to his faith in God but also, maybe more importantly, because it represented a significant part of who we are, out culture, our customs, our people. As I was growing up I became increasingly skeptical on this issue of religion both in terms of “substance” as well as “appearance”. I debated this with friends and strangers trying to prove something. Does God exist? That question, briefly became important. Am I right, do I hold some higher truth? I do not.
I am not… something. I am not agnostic, atheous, denier or believer. I am a person that has decided that the issue of the existence of God is not central to my being, it does not offer me some clarity, an elevated sense of being, of purpose. My focus has never been that. Yet at the same time I sometimes go to church, maybe just once or twice a year but it feels as if it is part of who I am. I actually enjoy the etiquette, the protocol, the tradition, it feels amazing that this is something crafted over millennia, it has a sense of gravitas that is difficult to experience in other aspects of life. If this makes any sense at all, it feels as if there must be some reason for something to have survived so long.
As an adult I am actually disappointed at the institution. Church feels as if it’s not relevant anymore, not in contact with how we live our lives. I spent Easter mass a few months ago in a female monastery in a remote island in Greece and saw actually only two nuns. I spent the evening trying to figure out what drives these women, how life must be, only the two of them on top of some mountain in an island. Serene, majestic, fearful? Two women that looked over 70 in age. What happens when they are not there anymore. Does the line break? What if it does and it’s on their watch..
I stumbled yesterday on to this article about a resurgence of young women that want to wear the habit, want to become nuns. So many little alarm bells went off and after I finished reading it, actually a lot of it made sense. I grew up anchored, I was lucky to have experienced that, but not everybody did, and life today, by moving into the digital realm, is nothing else other than a massive attempt on escapism. My generation had drugs, this one has social media. Will the Millenials turn to church to make sense of it all?
This suddenly could make sense. In other related or not news, a car sharing company in Japan is becoming very popular. Then suddenly employees notice that people are renting its cars and returning them without driving them. They take a customer survey to make sense of it and discover they need a space to nap to recharge their phones or just watch tv. The question remains. Does all this still make sense?
In London, activists trying to protest against human slavery install a vending machine in the middle of a busy street with a person inside dispensing goods.
In latin America, as global tourism provides an unexpected income for the locals homeowners, the home renters discover that they are priced out. So architects come up with a genius solution. Tiny apartments. No more than 20sqm should be good enough and cheap enough to stay ahead of the wave. Lets just see for how long.
Scientists discover that the common cold virus attacks and kills bladder cancer. Who knew that catching a cold could be a good thing. Here’s why plants don’t catch a cold. Because apparently they are immune to cancer.
So that’s it for this week ladies n gents, thank you for reading and for sharing. In case you want to support my effort, please check out my tshirt or buy me a coffee. Have a great weekend.
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