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February 15 · Issue #110 · View online
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wonderful work by artist Mark Powell
wonderful work by artist Mark Powell
On the art of photoshopping.
(He’s good..he’s very good)
Bedtime Reading
Not much of a Valentine thing happening here, other than our undying love for reading. In any case, hope you had a lovely day yesterday with your loved ones. Let’s dig in.
First up let’s talk about food. Nice dinner, candle lights, a perfect red. I am sure that’s what you had yesterday, but I am gonna talk about Space Food Sticks. Sounds weird but its probably what you had for lunch at the office, or in that meeting with your boss. I am talking about an idea that started out as something that sports freaks could use while training and caught the attention of the military. Then a few years and product iterations later it has become a huge, and growing, product category. How protein bars became your go to snack.
But, this is the past. The future of food is something completely different. Past authenticity of origin or mood food, past locally sourced or minimised eco footprint. These are all nice, but they are just your run of the mill, just to be in the game requirements. Food industry it seems, is now talking about personalised food. This article gets bonus points for introducing us to a technology called the gastrograph, which sounds surprisingly similar to a medical examination.
Enough of food. Let’s talk about women. Actually let’s talk about a woman who could potentially be the most beautiful woman on earth. A woman who was driven by her intelligence, who wanted to be known for her abilities. A woman who invented early wireless technology. Hedy Lamarr, not just a pretty face. (thanks Kafka).
If the struggle for female equality was real a generation ago, it’s equally real today. You can see it everywhere, but more so in some sports. I went into this article with different expectations and it was more rewarding than I thought. “Imagine standing on a sidewalk in front of a two-story house. Now picture a three-story house next door. Stack the first house on top of the second and extend this five-story colossus 200 yards to the right and left, a translucent aquamarine cliff speeding toward you.” This is the story of how Bianca Valenti and Keala Kennelly try to make a mark on the male world of big wave surfing.
A few more links for you. Smaller scope but really so so beautiful. The type of stories that combine mystery and lore and the dogged determinance of a man to discover something. Long thought to be extinct, yet still somewhere out there. In the Australian outback. Comes out at night, hunts for food, then disappears before anyone can see. The night parrot and the man who discovered the beautiful bird. This story pairs well with a sudden reappearance of the elusive black tiger.
If you love animal, and you should, then know this. Animals will love you back. Like this penguin who travels every year to Brazil to visit the man who rescued him. Awwwwwww.
Geeky thing of the week
Nothing funnier than reading Japanese tweets and hitting the translate to English button. Despite assurances, Google translate basically gives us unlimited comedy here rather than actual translations. Plus its a tweet about one hand drinkable crisps. Hit translate for that comedy gold, “to such you one hand”, “my intestines are weak”.

4:07 AM - 29 Nov 2018
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