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The wind never stops



August 31 · Issue #130 · View online
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Sketch by mr TH.INK
Sketch by mr TH.INK
Bedtime Reading
This has been a hot an windy summer over here and as you figured out I took the time to relax and disconnect and not read much. Mind you, I did read, just books though. Not much online. I didn’t turn on my laptop. It was a good three weeks.
This was my view above as I sketched it from my balcony but there is something else that I see when I close my eyes. That shimmering light on the surface of the sea.
I spend my summers in an island in the Cyclades called Andros. I first went there as a kid, with my parents. Then again years later with friends. Then I got married and my wife’s family descends from there so we pretty much get to spend every summer on the island. My kids adore the place. Frankly speaking it’s not the best island to spend your vacations on if you happen to be on the Cyclades. Eating is not as good as Tinos, beaches are not as good as Naxos, night life is better in Paros.
What this place has though is something I would never change. The wind. Most tourists don’t visit the place because the wind never stops which makes it difficult to relax. A typical two week vacation will include 7 days of near gale force winds. I, on the other hand, love the wind. The sound during the night when it wakes you up, the feeling when it carries spray from the sea. It never stops, never rests. It carries everything, it moves the trees, the sea. In my mind it has come to represent this feeling of constant movement, as if it where to stop, life would not make sense anymore. I stopped trying to cover from it. I learned to embrace it. As I write this back at home in the city, in front of my computer, i realise that what I miss the most is exactly one thing. The wind.
On to some some reading material for you to get back to speed. Seeing that we are still in the summer here is an interesting read. As forests are burning in the Amazon and in Russia the world is heating up. Most scientists argue that we are past the point of no return on climate change and there are no easy solutions around. So what would happen next? What happens every time. We would have to adapt. Here’s a clue. As the world heats up, the city of Phoenix Arizona starts to come alive at night. I remember seeing that in the Emirates many years ago. Its basically impossible to work during the day so most work actually happens at night. Soon in a city near you.
Next I have a short tidbit about the history of caviar. Who knew that over a century ago it was basically a free bar snack in the hope that it’s saltiness would encourage alcohol consumption.
If you are like me and like these type of stories, weird useless trivia that serves the single and only purpose of being fantastic dinner conversation pieces then you should love this next piece as well. Americans love baseball, I mean the sport is a national institution. What many don’t know is that there is a history of breaking-in new balls by rubbing them with mud so that they play better. Well the whole of the US is relying on a single person who sells this mud from a single location that only he knows and which has been passed down to him by his father. This is the story of the mud maker.
Here is another story that made me sit back and think. Everyone on the food industry is talking about perfect burger, the new start up that makes meat without animals involved in the process. What you might not know is that we have the technology in place in terms of bioreactors that can produce milk as well. It’s just an issue of bringing the cost down to become competitive with actual cows producing milk. Well this next article talks about a Finish company utilising Nasa tech in order to synthesise a new protein using carbon dioxide. So in the process we could solve some of the climate problems as well. Literally making food out of thin air. Damn it the future looks weirder and weirder.
Ok one last story for you ladies n gents send to me by a reader and dear friend DC. This is the story of a fearless female navigator trying to circumvent the globe, back in 1937. Amelia Earhart disappeared somewhere on the Pacific Ocean. Nobody knows where. Robert Ballard is the man who found the Titanic and other famous shipwrecks. He thinks he knows where Amelia’s plane lies.
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