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April 27 · Issue #119 · View online
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Megalophilia from artist Monokubo (via MyModernMet)
Megalophilia from artist Monokubo (via MyModernMet)
I’m sorry Florence, Taylor Swift etc, etc..
Bedtime Reading
It’s Easter weekend in this Christian Orthodox part of the planet so that means I am having a long weekend break, followed by 1st of May holiday on Wednesday. So that means that I am probably not writing a newsletter next weekend as I usually do.
As I observe lent this week I am struck by thoughts on nutrition and taking care of your body. Staying healthy. Taking out the religious aspects of lent, it is supposed to help you rebalance your diet and take a break from many small, sometimes unhealthy, habits. As our lives have taken us into cities and the bond with our rural past has broken, our relationship with food has changed away from simple ingredients and healthy eating into industrialized highly processed products with indecipherable ingredients. Obesity and diabetes are becoming epidemics and all we do is count calories on our iphone apps. Calories, it turns out, are a completely wrong measure to understand food, or to be more polite are a misleading metric.
That article was full of eye opener lines about how we eat, both in terms of how calories came to be as a scientific metric as well as our dietary habits. This sort of changes everything about how I think of food. But is this true or just another fact in a post fact world? As you think of the answer to this question here is another one for you. If you diet is unhealthy, which between you and me, it is, can you pop down to the pharmacy for a supplement to prop you up. The 30 billion supplement industry clearly says yes, but science seems to disagree.
Here is something else that scientists seems to agree on. We over-prescribe and consume drugs that we shouldn’t. Especially antibiotics. The fear is that some bacteria could become resistant to our antibiotics and we could end up with no defenses against them. Well let me introduce you to a scary little guy called Candida Auris, a fungus to be precise that is popping up everywhere on the planet and we don’t know how to get rid of it. The rise of drug resistant infections seems to be here.
This article is a little scary but is also extremely interesting for someone like me who isn’t a doctor or a scientist. If you enjoy this as well you should love this next one. A study suggests that low level inflammation in our bodies, which as I understand it is a state in which our immune systems in our bodies are turned on and working in a low power mode, might be the cause for a plethora of illnesses including Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis, asthma, anemia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes. If this research is true it could change how we tackle such chronic diseases.
Talking about food and health and inflammation seems like a difficult subject, when all I want to know is why when I crack open that bottle or sriracha extra hot hot sauce my nose starts to run? If you like to bite that red pepperoncino then consider this next article as well. There is a red pepper called the Carolina reaper. It is so hot it feels like having a heart attack, while in a hot sauna. It is off the scale. But people are eating it. Conquering the Carolina reaper.
That’s it for this week. Write to you in a couple of weeks. Take care and stay healthy.
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