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March 30 · Issue #115 · View online
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Monica Gutierrez' stunning work
Monica Gutierrez' stunning work
Pond - Sixteen Days
Bedtime Reading
Spring is almost upon us and you know what that means. Love is in the air. Everyone can feels this of course, not just me, so I kept stumbling on these articles that are trying to make sense of things in the midst of this transition of the seasons. Like the case of this couple that met in a restaurant and sort of fell in love, in such a forceful way that they actually got married 10 days later. This was 22 years ago and reading their interview feels like they met last week. It’s kind of a funny story…
Such a great read, but what I found even more romantic is the story of Changpu River Park, in the middle of Beijing, a narrow strip of land, a quiet spot from the city traffic and noise, which after a restoration, quietly and through word of mouth became a dating site for people over 60. Two days per week the elderly population of the city goes there and engages on a sort of speed dating ritual. As the rest of the world swipes right or whatever the latest dating app asks you to do, these guys just go for a stroll in the park. My faith in the world is restoring.
But do you know what I love? Comics. I’ve alluded to my love of the genre on multiple occasions but I must know admit to one comic that I have read consistently over the last, almost 30 years. A comic that I have discussed with various friends over the years and which always brought me closer to my childlike core. If you’ve never read this, go buy a compendium today and sit back and relax in the company of a young boy and it’s plush toy tiger, which comes to life when there are no adults on the strip. The power of imagination is a strong as it can get. But what few people get is that Calvin and Hobbes is great literature.
The other thing you guys know about me is my love of sports. I find sports truly inspirational, they bring out the best of people, this drive to achieve. But what they also bring out, is our love for having fun, for making fun of others, for just pure joy. Reading this next article did bring all these elements together, in a most wonderful and surprising way. An ad executive from Minnesota creates a short video extolling the virtuous of the mullet hair on high school hockey players. The video, right at the start of the article is nothing if not surreal. It’s a masterpiece of epic proportions. The glories of Minnesota Hockey hair.
OK one last article for you. It came out some time ago but Ι had to make sense of what Ι was reading. This is about US politics and a young congressman who could become the next president. Everyone has a past, but this guy is different. As a teenager he was a skater, a member of a punk band, arrested for drunk driving. Today at 46 he still skates. But what we learn today, is that Beto o Rourke as a teenager, and for many years after, was a member of an elite computer hacking group. The Cult of the Dead Cow.
Desired Landscapes
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