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June 29 · Issue #126 · View online
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Barbara Wildenboer's stunning art
Barbara Wildenboer's stunning art
The most feared song in jazz, explained
Bedtime Reading
So in the business world, the news is that the big bad corporate gorilla that is devouring everything in its path, Facebook, has decided to issue its own currency. They got to connect everyone in the world, then Insta got ahead so they bought it, then Whatsapp so they bought that and so everyone in the world is in now. In and staying in. So some people used FB to play with the elections or something, to manipulate you, who knows, it probably isn’t that bad. Zuck is a good kid, I trust him. Governments might not trust him though. So if I was him I would wanna be secure from potential governments wanting to do something about all this FB stuff spreading like wildfire on a windy night. If I was him I would want to be a government. To be a government you gotta have a currency and your populace must use it and must pay tax on it. Enter Libra. This sounds like a fun little thing, like progress, like we humans are moving into a great new future, borderless, control-less, a future with more funny cat memes. I can’t wait to see in how many, many ways this will go wrong. Make no mistake, when historians look back they may just point to this moment as the catalyst.
This is weird world we live in, let me tell you that. Especially if you are a diabetic. A disease that changes everything in your life which can be controlled via a solution discovered decades ago. Synthetic insulin. Enter the most profitable industry in the US, big Pharma, give it some time and wait until prices are driven so high that people simply cant afford it. So they ration it, or try to reuse the empty vials or simply decide to go for a few days without it. Who knows, they might make it. Or not. The insulin racket.
The fact is that we live our lives, and we will keep on living them, reading this crap and thinking this simply can not be true. But it is. And the funny thing is no one is saying anything. This is business as usual. No riots, no revolutions. Nothing. How have we become so insensitive to such gross inhumane practises everywhere around us. I long for a simpler time when people would simply complain about a controversial Fanta ad and manage to pull it off the air.
These are the problems I wanna live through you know, like a long lost painting being discovered and thought to be the work of one of the masters, Caravaggio, going up for auction and snapped by a mysterious buyer before the dust settles. A story within a story sort of thing.
But we don’t get these stories we get weird new forms of plastic pollution showing up. It’s not bottles or caps or straws polluting the oceans. I mean of course it’s that, but after many years it has metastasised into a new form of plastic pollution sticking into rocks and sand and beaches and life is growing around it making it something more permanent more difficult to clean up. Plasticrust.
Oh before I leave for this week here’s a couple more links of interesting stuff. It all goes back to my fascination with China. A vast empire that is growing uncontrollably, that is struggling to maintain state power over its people and global power over other countries. What wasn’t expected was how it would come to dominate on the field of technology and science, but it happened. So culture has to follow as well, and the dominant culture of technology is science fiction. China is excelling in that as well. As everywhere else though, even in China, people must be free to skate and Shanghai it would seem, is a giant skate park.
Chernobyl (TV Mini-Series 2019)
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