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February 23 · Issue #111 · View online
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Fantasy illustration insta by Stabellarius
Fantasy illustration insta by Stabellarius
The 1991 Rocket Man video officially available for the first time
Bedtime Reading
I remember back in the 90s, i was living and working in London, and this little book came out about a backpacker who traveled in Asia and wanted to discover this mythical place, a small island hidden in the Thailand archipelago, which had a secluded beach untouched by tourism. Within a few months this book became the talk of the town, you could see it everywhere, people reading it on buses, the underground, talking about it. Within 4 years it became an iconic Di Caprio movie and a worldwide phenomenon. The Beach. So what did happen of the actual beach. 20 years later, it would seem, tourism has definitely set its foot on the beach.
The sea has this strange draw for most of us. This feeling of calm, is associated with the best memories, vacations, kids, salt. It represents something that we need at any given point of time. Check out this video.
But the sea is something more. Something most of us can never understand. “For Montauk as a community, the ocean remains a blessing and a curse. It is the lifeblood of the town, the essence of its economic livelihood, the reason the tourists keep coming back. But it is also a constant threat.” If you live from the sea you know that it represents both sides of the coin. Life and Death. Most of the stories are too difficult to bear. Some have a happy ending. This is one such story, of a fisherman that went overboard and of his fishing community that held it’s breath. It’s an old story, I read it 5 years ago, but it still resonates with me. A speck in the sea.
On the other side of the world, Australia to be precise, something happened that is the type of thing that gives me hope. Hope for the human race. The city of Melbourne decided on an action that seems very strange. They gave 70 thousand trees email addresses. This was part of a council decision in order to be able to identify problems with the trees and take corrective actions. Try to save them. People could email the city and quickly identify a tree with an issue. Then something magical and totally unexpected happened…
Technology is basically disconnecting us from nature, so this is a surprisingly powerful story. Well, this is a surprising story period. The stories we are used to are basically monster stories about using technology to change nature. Case in point. Using Crispr, a gene editing tool to produce tomatoes. Its actually closer to computer programming than farming and it could be the future of food.
That’s it for this week. If you enjoy reading my letters remember to share them and help me grow. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh one last link for you. A little hint into the mysterious. Everybody knows of the nazca lines, the crop circles and more structures of mysterious origin. But I was not aware of the kite structures of Saudi Arabia, built by the old men.
Homecoming (TV Series 2018– )
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