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May 18 · Issue #121 · View online
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Fantastic illustrations by Joerg Asselborn
Fantastic illustrations by Joerg Asselborn
Hail Satan?
Bedtime Reading
I couple of fascinating articles to start with which prompted me to think back on the concept that for the future to be believable it has to feel like the past. Back when I was a kid I remember watching these films that where futuristic, or rather set in the future and thinking how would the world look like. It turns out a number of these films where set in 2019!! So now I know how the future looks like.
But rather than looking at the future one should look at the past. Not with a critical eye, not with the intent of self contemplation, but with the eye of our mind, for inspiration. This is exactly how I felt browsing through this article of vintage Soviet era industrial control rooms.
The next pair of articles come to us courtesy of the sports world. Giannis is a phenomenon in the basketball world, an athlete that seems to reside in a category of his own. But the fascinating part of his story is not necessarily his triple doubles or his turning around the Boston playoffs. It is also his roots, his growing up, his refugee status in Greece, his road to riches, going form 0 to 100. But more than all that it is about how he is seen by other refugees in Milwaukee.
This side of the spectrum of sports showcases the effect of talent, supports the myth of the hero, how one man with sheer talent and determination can alter his fate. The other side of the spectrum is technology, this is a story about a small football club in the UK which decided to partner with a tech company in order to use AI tech to try to understand how players behave in the pitch. This could be an experiment or it could be the future of sports.
Last pair of articles comes courtesy of the animal kingdom. Freddy the parrot is unlucky. Having been abducted, he found himself in the midst of an armed battle, suffered a severe bullet injury, survived, was bitten by a snake and miraculously his is now safe back in his Brazillian zoo. On the other hand a Beluga whale seems to have escaped from somewhere and was found wondering around a Norwegian island wearing a Russian goPro harness. Could this be a secret Russian spy?
One last story, that the lovely ms TH.INK is certain to enjoy. I usually start talking about something of interest, a story or something I read and I have this habit of going off in tangential stories ending up somewhere completely different from where I intended to go. This could be a fantastic attribute to possess if you are, let’s say the editor of a newsletter or a writer or something but it could be pretty annoying if you are talking to your wife. Well it turns out the Lithuanians have a word for this exact same thing. Honey, don’t go Nugrybauti on me.
Patrick Melrose (TV Mini-Series 2018)
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