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Urban sketch by Mr TH.INK
Urban sketch by Mr TH.INK
Altın Gün - Süpürgesi Yoncadan
Bedtime Reading
It’s mother’s day weekend ahead so be ready to buy her flowers and have the kids write her something to remind her. Also call your mom. For the moms out there, please be patient with us.
I remember seeing this movie called Cinema Paradiso many many years ago, a true classic, a gem of a movie. There is this scene at the start where the mother of the main character, Toto, calls him home and his girlfriend answers. “Io sono la madre"she says . I am the mother. Not his mother, The mother. As if a statement of status, nobility. Nothing else need be explained or even implied. In Italian culture, and in many other cultures this is so prevalent. Clearly patriarchic societies, yet with an immense power held by la Madre, almost simultaneously matriarchic. Nothing explains this better than this next article. Men, grown men, with high paying jobs, girlfriends, relationships, active social lives, intelligent, educated men, all sorts of men, that for some reason decide to live with their mothers. Italians do it better they say so maybe they know something we don’t. The Mammoni.
All joking aside, the Topic has a wonderful issue on mothers, and I read this next article as well which resonated for many reasons and which explains in some respect the experience of having a baby. It probably explains some aspects and raises questions on other areas, like our relationship with the experience of child birth. Giving birth on the backseat of a car.
So what do women get in return for carrying the burden on this child bearing trip? Not much apparently. But, here is something that, who knows, maybe nature decided to give them in return. A higher life expectancy. Women across the world live on average 4,4 years longer than men.
So we have kids, at home or in hospitals, in the ocean or in bathtubs, intra or extramural, in nature or in clinics and we love them and cherish them and they fill our lives and we watch them grow up and play and laugh and cry and it all seems normal. Yet somehow we decide that they should earn money for us, for them, for someone, and we make them social media influencers and toy unboxers. Do kidfluencers work or play?
OK, a couple more stories for you, unrelated really but still highly interesting. First this story of a woman, who bought a betamax back in 1975 and up until her death in 2012, basically recorded every show she could. 30 years later her archive was donated in order to be digitised. All 71000 cassettes. It is only apt to note that she was a librarian.
Last, a story about a murder of a young investigative journalist and his girlfriend in their house in Slovakia. This happened a couple of months ago but it really hasn’t gained much traction on international media. It is a story though that needs to be told since it basically shocked the country to the point that a number of high profile politicians resigned and it sparked massive demonstrations. How Jan and Martina died.
Eye Candy
Board-marked concrete house in Mexico City
I can’t explain this, but watching this 2018 movie mashup felt almost like a movie in itself. Superb editing.
2018 Movie Trailer Mashup
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