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June 22 · Issue #125 · View online
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2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest
2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest
John Cage's 4'33"
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Let’s start our week with the important stuff. We live in a society of constant surveillance, so Mr TH.INK, as a blogging cephalopod is incensed at the continuing presence of government spying equipment, disguised as “science”, which keeps trying to monitor the life of fellow cephalopods. From the time of Julius Verne we have been portrayed as giant monsters of the sea when all we really do is eat jelly fish and live in the deep. For the third time one of us is caught on video.
Obviously a young giant cephalopod is labeled a “monster” by humans when it is clear to all involved that the really weird stuff living among us are plants. Did you know that some plants are male some female, some both, some none, some whatever, I am already confused here. But this one takes the prize as the first non binary gender specific or gender fluid or whatever the hipster kids call it these days plant. Meet the hipster tomato from down under, Solanum Plastisexum.
You know what else the hipster kids are doing these days? They use an unsuspecting technology, iPhone’s AirDrop feature, to meme-bomb your phone. Next time you enter the subway or go to a concert, prepare to get caught in the crossfire. Sounds fun.
On to an interesting business story. Imagine you are a janitor working for a big corporation and you get an idea and somehow through a series of coincidences you get to present this idea to the president of said giant corporation, and he likes the idea, and it gets to become a billion dollar global product line. Sounds like the quintessential American dream story. That’s because it is. This is the story of how Richard Montanez went from a janitor into one of the most respected execs in the food industry. Flaming Hot Cheetos.
On the other end of the spectrum of the food industry is the small time entrepreneurs, the guys that have an idea and they work that idea alone until it becomes a small hit, they are not execs in a corporation or big time millionaires but the just have a passion for what they do and they keep trying to do it better, even if it’s selling hot sweet potatoes from the back of their Mazda Miata sports car. The legend of Lord Rod.
Here is a couple of more articles on the upcoming artificial intelligence wars that am certain are gonna interest you. These articles portray both sides of the war. Unknown entities used phantom social networking profiles in order to connect with political operators in order to get close to them. What is interesting is that they also use AI generated images as profile images in what is probably a state sponsored spying operation. As the fake images and videos generated by AI is becoming more prolific it’s getting imperative to find ways to understand what is fake and what is real. Given the difficulty of such a task it is only logical to use AI to make those decisions. I can’t wait for the next problem generated by a problem which was generated by the same problem all over again. Using AI to make sense of the deepfakes.
That’s it for this week, please hit the reply button if you wanna connect with me or just share this letter with a friend asking them to subscribe. Have a lovely weekend and remember to always use sunscreen.
Oh, one more thing I found interesting. How Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, the first Austrian woman architect changed how we cook. The Frankfurt Kitchen.

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