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Illustrator Amanda Oleander
Illustrator Amanda Oleander
My obsession with Japan started with Hern and Mishima and grew when I stumbled on Sakamoto, Krush and Ryo Fukui, eventually reaching a peak when I wrote a paper on the Rape of Nanjing and heard stories of untold evil from the great grandfather of my son, who spent 730 days on a Japanese concentration camp in Indonesia. There is a small yet chaotic distance between civility and zen like massacre, submission and harakiri, timidness and hentai manga, between Yakuza mafia and musical artistry. In 2014 I finally visited the country and learned about a 67 year old law, still in power until 4 years ago, which prohibited dancing in public venues unless you had a special license and only until midnight. And then, I remembered. End of the 90’s, New York, inside CBGB, stuck between a crazy Japanese crowd listening to their punk compatriots, High-Lows. I was talking yesterday with a friend in Kyoto, who had shown me around the streets of his town, the same town that breathes the air in which the ashes of Jeffrey Lee Pierce of Gun Club are floating. The Kyoto man send me this video. I saw it. I told him that Japan, forever reminds me a miniature of the past present and future of human nature with this phrase: “When you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha.”
Work is Life Work is Life
Bedtime Reading
You know Japan holds a dear place in my heart, it manages to capture the imagination in a way few other countries can. The immense beauty of the country merges with their high tech - sky rise outlook, their ancient culture merges with their inexplicable love for foreign pop-cult imports producing something unique. It kinda blows my mind that this country loves the sport of Sumo while at the same time goes crazy for American baseball. Yet here we are. Their history is unique and wonderful and deserves to be known, and it includes some little gems like this next one. The story of a black slave who ended up in Japan and managed to become a mighty warrior. The African Samurai.
This guy’s story should be remembered and told to our children to know what came before them. But today, we are in Europe in a weekend that sees European elections, another day that seems critical, that seems to seal our fates, and day that will decide who we want to be and who we will be. A day that also includes the absurdity of voting on EU elections and choosing EU representatives in a country that doesn’t want to be in the EU. Brexit is fun and enough comedic material has been produced - I am certain more will be - that we forget that this is about people. This, right here, is the voice of one of these people, a Polish immigrant in the UK at 8 who today at 18 is an immigrant once again.
This next article, though unrelated, is very interesting. A short story about a painting that appeared on an online auction for a small amount, 1000$. A buyer snapped it hoping that it might be an unattributed piece of a well known French impressionist, yet the piece was never even delivered. Was it art fraud, stolen art, who knows…the curious case of the missing Monet.
Which brings us to this next article. I had this discussion with a colleague at work a couple of days earlier about the absurdity of the current state of affairs. How the world seems to not make sense anymore. I shared my theory, and i think I’ve told you this before, that we are basically part of a computer simulation that seems to have gone bad. A glitch. A computer bug. Or maybe the User is simply not that good at the game. Aha! it seems that many scientists believe that this is actually a pretty valid theory, that mathematically it is probably true. The simulation hypothesis.
That’s it for this week, I need a quick nap and then I am going out. If you want to know how to catch a quick shut eye, here is a great military technique. How to fall asleep in 2 minutes.
Eye Candy
72hrs in Pelion
I don’t know how to explain this other than this is the funniest impersonation of Arnold I have seen. Probably one the the funniest impersonations of anyone. It’s only a couple of minutes go watch this.
Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger [DeepFake]
Did you notice something funny? The face? How it actually transitions seamlessly into an Arnold face. This is the scariest, most disturbing and well executed deep fake video I have seen.
Starting today, do not believe anything you see.
Thanks for reading, write to you next week. Remember to hug the person next to you.
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