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June 14 · Issue #124 · View online
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Beautiful oil work by artist Angela Moulton
Beautiful oil work by artist Angela Moulton
Madlib - Slim's Return
Bedtime Reading
I have a soft spot for the anti hero story. An unlikely character that creates something out of nothing, who beats the game, the system, only not for some noble cause, due to some higher sense of ethics. He does so out of pure nerddom, for his love of math, for having some fun. That’s basically the story of Jerry Selbee a retired convenience store owner in a small town in Michigan. Jerry and his wife Marge spotted something on the state lottery. Turns out the math wasn’t right, the odds weren’t calculated correctly so they decided to play to see if their theory was right. A few years later, they incorporated and sold shares to their local friends and family, up until the point where the state lottery noticed that someone was making too much money. Walking away with 26 million.
So these guys found 26$m while the world lost 450$m a few months ago. We saw and read about a painting that could be a Da Vinci masterpiece, sold at auction for the above record amount. The world gasped and held its breath and slowly it emerged that Abu Dhabi money was behind the purchase. Immediately our thoughts went into the new Louvre museum being planned, what better way to crown a new collection. And then, nothing. The painting is never seen or heard of again, People are wondering what happened to it. Well it turns out its taking a long needed vacation aboard the yacht of a Saudi Prince. Salvatore Mundi is getting a tan.
Here is a funny story. If you want the actor Bill Murray to star in your movie, you can’t call him, he doesn’t have a phone or call his agent since he doesn’t have one. Instead he has an 1-800 number that you could call. The trick is that he doesn’t really share that number either. It’s kinda secret. This little article made me chuckle so many times, plus I wasn’t aware he is actually filming another Wes Anderson movie (yass!). The main reason is that this article feels like the script of a movie, you know a little indie movie with unknown actors in which Bill Murray shows up in a cameo role. “Sorry I’m busy living”.
In a completely unrelated case, here’s an interesting story. In 1996 we discovered Werner Syndrome, a disease that causes the body to age too fast. Most cases are documented in genetically “secluded” geographical areas like Japan or islands like Sardinia. That sounds like a peculiar irony considering that these are also what we call blue zones, areas where people have a much higher life expectancy. Obviously this disease existed before 1996 but we have now discovered it and managed to understand it. The story has a happy twist since it is thought that it can help up understand the ageing process and in that sense unlock the secrets to living longer. Not better mind you, just longer. Nobuaki Nagashima is the man who is ageing too fast.
This last article is a very different, very long story about another community pretty much secluded and isolated from the rest of the world. Alaska. A sparsely populated community with villages far from each other. Its a typical example of a rural community, which suffers from rural community problems, like lack of infrastructure of funding. So what happens when you have so little funding that basically you can’t even afford a police force? You gotta read to find out peeps but make sure to remind yourself this the the US we are talking about. Lawless.
Oh that reminds me. UFOs are real. I knew it all along.
So that’s it for your reading assignment this week ladies n gents. Please take the time to hit the reply button and connect with me. Tell me your thoughts your news or simply just say hi. I wanna hear from you. If you want, you connect with me on Insta or you could buy me a coffee. Have a great weekend.
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Casa Cook - Chania, Crete
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