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March 10 · Issue #113 · View online
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Bedtime Reading
It’s a three day weekend here, so I am off on a long needed holiday but this shouldn’t mean no reading material. It’s not so much reading that crossed my screen this week but rather a set of unconnected pieces of info, of history and culture. A mosaic of our past and future.
Like the case of Anna Loulou, a wonderful bar in the Jaffa area of Israel, which over the years became a symbol of inclusion, a melting pot, a place where Jews and Christians and Muslims came together to relax and drink and listen to music. In a world where we have so much to divide us we will always have an unstoppable force that brings us together, music. Anna Loulou, unfortunately has closed it’s doors. As a bonus this article gives you a wonderful set of tracks ranging from Arab pop to Palestinian rap which I put together on a playlist, enjoy.
This is a wonderful story, from an incredibly complicated and beautiful corner of the world, a place where religion and history have been generating tension and conflict for thousands of years and will surely continue to do so for thousands more. I can’t find a better way to demonstrate this than the story of the immovable ladder in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Almost 300 years ago a mason was called to do some work and forgot his ladder under a window on a ledge. No one has yet found a way to remove the ladder which is still in its place today. We may easily fall into the trap of noticing the absurdity of this story when really, we should take the time to marvel at it’s beauty, the way it explains who we are and more importantly where we are headed.
Talking about the future let’s consider how we are all potential criminals. Well now we have a solution. In a case of minority report coming to life a Japanese startup has developed artificial software that tracks customers through live video feed and predicts potential shoplifters before they actually commit the crime. I can try to find a pithy way to make light of this but i will not. Take a couple of moments to consider our future.
A few more interesting links to get through this weekend. Over 100 rustic shelters are scattered across England called bothies. They serve as overnight shelters for people trekking on the English countryside, perched at remote places, some completely unknown to anyone, undocumented, some passed on only by word of mouth. A wonderful network of support for trekkers, a connection to the spirit of adventure.
If your sense of adventure is rather more extreme then you might know of a sport considered the pinnacle of endurance. 40 years ago in Hawaii a few athletes came together to compete in an endurance triathlon, designed to be the toughest sport at the time. Only very dedicated athletes could compete. Through the years it morphed into a global event, eventually sold to a Chinese conglomerate for 650 m$. Yet the athletes who had the original idea, still fight in courts about who came up with it. The enduring fight over Ironman.
SMILF (TV Series 2017– )
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