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A warm weekend by the sea



July 26 · Issue #128 · View online
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Beautiful art by Janice Chang
Beautiful art by Janice Chang
Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night
Bedtime Reading
Last week I did not manage to find the time to write up a newsletter dear scribes. I am sorry for that. It’s a surprisingly busy summer over here with work and with a number of side projects that are taking up time from reading and writing. In any case I am back with some interesting reads to keep you company on a warm summer evening, or a cold winter night for those of you on the south side of the planet ;).
There is so much interesting stuff going on around us that I don’t even know where to begin. I mean here’s a bunch of cool links to whet your appetite. A giant manta ray gets a hook under her eye and begs a diver to help her out. Or, if you enjoyed watching Chernobyl, read on about why plants do not get cancer. Short and sweet. If you like this topic, here’s ten surprising facts about cancer that we learned while fighting the good fight against it.
Or if you wanna read about the important stuff, how about Bob Ross. Yeah the only guy who can compete against cat memes. The lovable character that taught us how to paint. Don’t act like you don’t know Bob Ross. Well what no one seems to know is where all his thousands of paintings are. He kept producing them but none seem to be around. Thank God for investigative journalism powerhouse NYT who managed to solve this happy little mystery. If painting lessons is your thing check out Shibasaki, the Japanese water color artist showing us how to mix paint and water (via Laura Olin’s wonderful must read newsletter).
I am just joking of course because when it comes to investigative reporting the NYT excels. Consider the story that rippled through the world last Easter. The Notre Dame is on fire. The world watched as the iconic building surrendered to fire and almost collapsed. But what happened on that fateful Monday evening? How could such a building catch fire and even so, how could it almost collapse. As the French nation struggled to come to terms with the event read this unparalleled reporting on how the events of the night unfolded. The race to save the Notre Dame.
Here is another fascinating story of a con man on the run from the FBI for 14 years, until a notorious bounty hunter decides to put his massive resources and effort into tracking him down, and capturing him, literally on his stolen yacht while he was preparing to go on the run once again. This is a fantastic story that reads like a typical crime caper but that’s not the most interesting part. The bounty hunter, one of the most sought after on the industry, is a middle aged woman from Texas called Michelle Gomez and her resources are basically her inquisitive mind and self determination to solve the puzzle. This is how she hunts.
So one more fascinating read for you. A few weeks ago I shared with you this interview of Phoebe Waller Bridge, and then I stumbled onto this new interview, this time with Tina Fey. I mean come on. You have to read this. Tina and Pheobe. I know I am starting to sound like a stalker but really listen to this quote by Tina. “I find that in real life I use humour constantly to assess other people’s intelligence or their world view or whatever. Until I can figure out what makes someone laugh, I’m unsettled with them. Right?” If humour is the ultimate test on intelligence then surely irony is the test on genius.
Pheobe please be a subscriber and let’s go out for a drink. I am buying.
You guys have a task which is to use your six degrees of separation secret power thingy to share my newsletters until somehow Tina and Pheobe end up reading my crappy letters. Off you go.
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