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A dry summer on the way



June 8 · Issue #123 · View online
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Urban sketch by mr TH.INK
Urban sketch by mr TH.INK
10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Prehistoric Europe
Bedtime Reading
My love for good TV is well documented and I keep giving you my recommendations on shows I watch and I enjoy, knowing that you might enjoy them as well. But every once in a while you come up with a show that strikes a chord, that somehow fascinates you in a way which is unexpected. Some weeks ago I wrote to you about Fleabag. If you haven’t yet seen it, I urge you to. It is really such a gem. What makes the show, is the undeniable talent of the lead actress and writer Phoebe Waller Bridge. Of note, she is also the writer of Killing Eve. I am having trouble finding the words to express why she makes this show work, how it is clearly not just work but it reflects on who she is as well, this combination of assured awkwardness, this sense of knowing exactly where you are in a life and why you don’t belong there. Then you stumble on an interview she did and it all makes sense. I will not spoil this for you, you have to read this, I promise you will be rewarded. Apparently Phoebe Waller Bridge can time her farts to perfection.
In other news, the world is coming to realize that in the near future the way we treat the environment and all, we will destroy our planet. But some of us realise this more than others. Some time ago I shared a link about Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia planning to move. As in the whole city. The reason being that its slowly but surely submerging under water. Another city in another part of the world is having a similar water issue. Cape Town, after a prolonged drought, is one the first major capitals of the world that is about to actually run out of water. As most solutions don’t seem to work a marine salvage engineer might have a crazy solution. He plans to tow an iceberg from the antarctic and use it for drinking water. Who needs a drink?
Nightmare scenario. But compared to this next story it really is a walk in the park. Chris Lemons is a saturation divers fixing pipes in an underwater oil well some 100m deep in the ocean floor. Back in 2012 he was having the equivalent of a normal day in the office when a chain of events left him stranded on the ocean floor. His tank had 6 minutes of oxygen and the crew needed over 30 minutes to get to him. Running out of air.
Last week Kafka talked about her fascination with Japan. I often talk about the country in similar terms, for reasons not as expertly articulated. For me it’s about this inherent nerddom. This combination of obsession and attention to detail. Case in point, the love the country has with trains. So much so that this is a whole genre of hobbies. If you love trainspotting and you also happen to like sounds then there is a subgenre ready for you. Oto-tetsu, the art of train sampling.
Talking about Japan one the first things that comes to mind is manga comics. Having its roots in 17th century Japanese scrolls it has evolved in a mix of pop fandom encompassing everything from action adventures to homoerotic mutant vampires. It really is an art form in itself. If you happen to be in London this summer be sure to put this in your calendar. How the world fell in love with Manga.
By the way last month I watched Your Name, which is a wonderful movie that deserves your time (if you love the genre that is) but if you do then you should know that the most anticipated event this year is the movie adaptation of Children of the Sea which is a masterpiece of a comic book. Check out the movie trailer released and more info can be found here. Go buy the books now.
Children of the Sea - Official trailer
Billions (S04)
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