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Kye's Weekly List #8 - Friday Five


Kye's Weekly List

April 21 · Issue #8 · View online

If you know me at all, you know I have a lot of interests (leadership, technology, travel, productivity, music, etc). This newsletter will be just some of my musings and curation of content from the week. It will be weekly, sometimes less, never more.

Happy Friday new subscribers and “old” ones! 
Wow, I’m already 2 months in to my 3-4 month commitment of doing this weekly. It has definitely become more of a rhythm and something that I think about all week long. So far, no unsubscribes, new subscribers every week, and 85% open rate (percentage of people who receive the email newsletter and open it). You guys are awesome!
Of course, like every week, this is a mix of many different lanes of topics. But by now, you know that’s me. :) I’m always fascinated by what people are interested in. So, hit reply and tell me which one you enjoyed reading the most or suggestions on what I should write more of.
Here we go!

[PRODUCTIVITY | APP] My favorite Todo List App
To do list and task manager. Free, easy, online and mobile: Todoist
Over many years, I don’t know how many Todo Task managers I’ve used (The Hit List, Things, Omnifocus, 2Do, etc). But the one that has stuck probably the longest for me now is Todoist. I truly can’t do all that I do without it. As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, I love the GTD system and Todoist is my “trusted system” that David Allen talks about in his book. This is where I mind dump any task or todo I had to do when it pops up in my head. Then I assign it to a project (Work, Personal, etc) as well as a date that I want it to pop-up on that day’s list. Every night, I make sure that I have NOTHING on my todo list for that day (either it’s done, delegated, or deferred). The snooze (schedule) feature helps tremendously. Everything is also synced across all my devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch), so I can check or check off from anywhere.
I can’t recommend this FREE App/Service enough. There are some advanced features that are paid, and I love (i.e. location based reminders = when I get home or a work, a notification pops up to remind me, comments, tags, etc). Why not give it a try, it’s free!
[VIDEO] My daughter is 16! Hear her sing!
The Moon Song (cover) - YouTube
It’s my 2nd daughter’s 16th birthday today … Happy Birthday Emily! We are so proud of her and the gifts that God has given her. This video was a year ago, when she sang a cover song playing her ukulele.
We got her her first computer for her bday present. It’s a great (and cheap) Chromebook - just in case you’re in the market.
[LEADERSHIP] For Amazon, it's always Day 1!
This Original Letter From Jeff Bezos to Amazon Shareholders Teaches Some Extraordinary Lessons in Leadership |
I’ve heard that Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) signs all of his letters … Day 1. If you’ve ever started something, remember the passion, the intentionality, the gratitude, the excitement that you had on Day 1. You cared for every individual you came across, you wanted everything to be perfect, you had a posture of anticipation and humility. Jeff wants Amazon to have that posture every day, not just Day 1 and he casts that vision to his company. Wow, I love that. I want that Day 1 mentality on Day 19999999. 
[VIDEO] A man of humility and a man driven by the spirit
Met Tom Paterson, creator of StratOp and LifePlan
Met Tom Paterson, creator of StratOp and LifePlan
I am deeply indebted to Tom Paterson for not only the Paterson StratOp and LifePlan process, but for inspiring me to live a life that God has meant ME to live. Several years ago, I was certified as a Paterson StratOp facilitator. It has taken my leadership to the next level. But I also received my LifePlan 1.5 years ago and that was truly life transforming. I just got back this week from now becoming LifePlan facilitator certified. I can’t wait to help others unlock how God has meant them to live and help bring clarity in their lives (let me know if you’re interested in being one of my first LifePlan clients!). 
I was humbled to meet Tom this week. At 92, he listened to all of us individually as we shared how much of an impact he’s made on our lives and he also gave us a word and prayed over us. He is a man that wasn’t driven by fear, but by the Spirit. That’s because he knew that his identity was in Christ. You HAVE to watch this 1 minute video on him talking about that and pray that you’re inspired as much as I was. What a legacy. What an inspiration.
[LIFEHACK] How to read more ... because we all want to!
How I Tricked Myself Into Reading More Books
First Confession: I love books.
Second Confession: I love books more than I love reading.
Isn’t that a contraction? Not really. This is a classic example of my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. I desire to read but it’s hard to build the discipline to read. And of course, just like going to the gym, you know you should, many times you don’t, but when you do, you’re so glad that you did.
This was a short article on some life hacks to make reading a habit. My personal goal is to read 18 books this year (1.5 books/month) and some of these tips have helped me. The other one that’s helped me is to use two senses as I read. If you read on an iPhone/iPad, you can use this tip to have it read to you as you read. Pro Tip: double the speed of the text-to-speech. Although it might sound fast, it’s actually a very doable reading pace. Plus, what you might have lost in retention by reading faster, you gain back with using two senses. It’s actually made me a faster reader.
Have a comment, specific question, anything you want to share with me or want me to share with others? Simply click reply and let me know … would love to hear from you!
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