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Kye's Weekly List #7 - Friday Five


Kye's Weekly List

April 14 · Issue #7 · View online

If you know me at all, you know I have a lot of interests (leadership, technology, travel, productivity, music, etc). This newsletter will be just some of my musings and curation of content from the week. It will be weekly, sometimes less, never more.

Happy Good Friday! 
Good Friday reminds us that we are more sinful than we could ever dare imagine. Easter reminds us that we are more loved and accepted than we could ever dare hope. - Tim Keller
On this day, I’m reminded of how flawed and in need of grace we are. And until we truly understand the need for Good Friday, we can’t fully embrace how important Easter is. Please take some time to reflect, fast, pray about that, wherever you might be.
Ok, on to my weekly curation … in week 7, I’m getting into more of a rhythm. I I just read a Medium article titled “What to do if no one reads what you write: How to break out of your echo chamber.”  First of all, what a great tile to make you click on it. But secondly, it was a good reminder to not focus on who’s reading or not reading my newsletter but focus on providing good content that might add value. Thankfully, not a week has gone by where I’ve received an email or a personal comment telling me that there’s usually at least one thing from the newsletter was helpful. And thankfully, each week the subscribers list has grown (if you’re a recent subscriber, you can catch-up on my past newsletters here). 
I mention this article and also my experience because I think most of us wouldn’t start a blog, newsletter, book, etc, because we think, who would read it? But maybe that’s not what you focus on. Maybe for a season, it’s more for you than for anyone else. Or maybe, you’ll be surprised at who you’ll reach/influence/help!

[LEADERSHIP] "I'm too old"? Maybe not!
The peak age for beauty, wealth, and more - Business Insider
[PRODUCTIVITY] Productivity = Clutter-Free Workspace
5 Steps to a Clutter-Free Workspace – Michael Hyatt – Medium
[APP] Your phone is actually the best scanner ... but not your camera
Evernote Scannable — The fastest mobile scanning app for iPhone and iPad | Evernote
[MUSIC] North Point Music's new album
Nothing Ordinary - EP by North Point InsideOut on Apple Music
[APP | TECH] Stop going back and forth trying to find a meeting time
Calendly - Scheduling appointments and meetings is super easy with Calendly.
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