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Kye's Weekly List #3 - Friday Five


Kye's Weekly List

March 17 · Issue #3 · View online

If you know me at all, you know I have a lot of interests (leadership, technology, travel, productivity, music, etc). This newsletter will be just some of my musings and curation of content from the week. It will be weekly, sometimes less, never more.

If you want your week to go by fast, start a weekly newsletter … holy cow! It’s a good thing I consume a lot of content throughout the week and always have more (for now) content than I need. I have been thinking in regards to the topics of my newsletter that my strength could also be my weakness. Having a variety of topics is what interests me, but maybe for others, it will seem less focused or not enough value in a certain topic. So going to try something but need your help. There are usually 5 things that I share in my weekly list. At the bottom of the email, I would love for you to vote. All you have to do is to click on the thumbs up icon next to the ONE that resonates, interests, like most out of the 5. I’ll use those stats to post more of what the majority wants. So, please help me out and click on ONE thumbs up icon. And as always, feel free to forward or share this with others. Happy Friday!

[VIDEO] Raising Brave Girls
Caroline Paul: To raise brave girls, encourage adventure | TED Talk |
[LEADERSHIP] How to think like a leader (maybe not what you think)
How to Think Like a Leader
[MUSIC] Elevation Worship's new album dropped today!
There Is A Cloud
[TECH] Will you admit that your addicted?
This Is How To Stop Checking Your Phone: 5 Secrets From Research
[TECH] Please don't tell me your not using Google Photos
Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find
Please, vote for your favorite ONE by clicking on the thumb up icon:
👍 [VIDEO] Raising Brave Girls
👍 [LEADERSHIP] How to think like a leader … not what you think
👍 [TECH] Will you admit that your addicted?
👍 [MUSIC] Elevation Worship’s new album dropped today!
👍 [TECH] Please don’t tell me your not using Google Photos
Have a comment, specific question, anything you want to share with me or want me to share with others? Simply click reply and let me know … would love to hear from you!
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