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Technology • Innovation • Publishing - Issue #195

Technology • Innovation • Publishing - Issue #195
By Kathy Sandler • Issue #195 • View online
Saw a lot of cool things to share this week. Scroll through until you find the stuff that interests you!

Google is beta testing its AI future with AI Test Kitchen
Music festivals are a UX nightmare. Here’s how Snap and Live Nation are fixing them
Breaking down language barriers with augmented reality
Gucci to accept crypto in leap for luxury industry
A neuroscientist on the shifts in our media use and the effect on our brains
Snapchat Reveals Integration With eBay
Publishing & Media
The 'Atlantic' to Launch Book Imprint with Zando
Conde Nast backtracked after notifying a 150-year-old pub in rural England (in a village called Vogue) that its "Vogue" name might "cause problems."
Resources & Opportunities
MT @bluestockings Save the Date! The Lower East Side Book Crawl is back in time for Pride! Saturday, June 11th, with new stores to explore and new treats to pick up. See you then!
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