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Krautsource #8 - Sick links

Jannis Brühl
Jannis Brühl
As I am down with a pretty bad case of sinus infection, Krautsource is pausing this week, and probably the next one as well. In the meantime, you can spend your time reading or listening to my recommendations below.

  • The grand prize of German politics: Official coalition talks have begun this week. Party heads Robert Habeck of the Greens and Christian Lindner of the liberal FDP are competing for the most important position behind the chancellor: finance minister. In this op-ed that has caused quite a stir on German social media, economist (and nobel prize winner) Joseph E. Stiglitz und historian Adam Tooze warn that Lindner is a bad candidate for the job. His antipathy to debt and spending is incompatible with challenges like climate change and European integration, they argue: “The problem is not just that Lindner’s economics – on the debt brake or on fiscal rules for Europe – are a series of conservative clichés. The problem is that they are the clichés of a bygone era: the 1990s.” Even if you do not share the authors’ antipathy towards Lindner, the piece is a good reminder of the German tendency to lecture and push other countries - even the United States - towards austerity.
  • Always mention the war! German historian Katja Hoyer is living in England. She and British journalist Oliver Moody, who is living in Berlin, discuss Anglo-German relations and history in their podcast Tommies & Jerries. Enjoy!
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Jannis Brühl
Jannis Brühl @jbruehl

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I have been a journalist for more than a decade, working in New York City, Berlin and Cologne, and now head the technology news team at a major German media house in Munich. I hold a Masters degree in Political Science and American Cultural Studies. And I like rap music.

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