K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫

By K White

A journal for my 2022 $SPY Trades

A journal for my 2022 $SPY Trades

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K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫





K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #20

I have been gone for some time from the newsletters just living life, focusing on trading / education, & running Rally St. Time to lock back in here & talk about things that can hopefully help you more than a tweet can. Big Losses: Coming back from a …


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #19

The market looks to be hanging on by a thread. We have FOMC this week on WED & it will be telling for how we react. Currently today SPY looked like it was trending to visit 400 before a relief rally to close out over 414. Personally I think that was due t…


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #18

What a wild ass week we had to say the least. Big tech earnings began & Netflix started off with a bang. Looking at a lot of these companies that have steadily ripped up over the past year & a half it might be time for them to come down. The move look…


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #17

Good morning & long time no see! It has been a minute since I made a newsletter as I have been dealing with some personal matters, stress, real life situations & also bringing together a discord to build a strong community.Rally St TradesBrought this …


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #16

Man the past two to 3 weeks have been some of the most stressful weeks of trading for myself. Everyone goes through it. The steps in your journey aren't always hyper successful. The thing is I haven't been down at all the past 3 weeks. I have had some unneces…


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #15

I tweeted yesterday "430P 3/18. This is not financial advice, but I will make a decent amount of money on this going heavy" . Something along those lines. I don't like to trade with a bias, but I just wasn't sold on the move we had on Wednesday. I still have …


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #14

Just wanted to check in quickly on a few things. FOMC Tomorrow usually is flat until 2 EST for the call. Tread lightly please if you don't have experience. Hell experience won't help you handle the volatility in these candles tomorrow. Just be cautious.Low Vo…


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #13 (SPY moving like a penny stock)

Another day in the market & another day that if you stepped away from your computer for 2-3 minutes you would come back to SPY up or down $2-3. Solely tied to news as that has been the theme for the past months. The biggest thing is respecting that loss &…


K White’s Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #12 (Losses, P&L Goals, OverTrading, & Adversity)

Losses.I lost today. Now my losses were so minimal it isn't even worth discussing. Even though I made a joke about full porting $SPY calls (I should've lol would've had an unreal day) I followed my plan & accepted my loss. My entry was pretty bad, but als…


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #11 ($SPY review 2/28)

Today was the last day of February. Ended it with a nice gain of $1,300 today. Not bad. Sized up a little & cut my move on $SPY right before it dumped. Of course! Rinse & repeat. As long as I got a decent part of the move I am all good with whatever h…


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #10 (2 months progress / preparation week over week)

Good evening. Want to keep this somewhat brief, but talk about a few things. To start after tomorrows market session we will be 2 months already completed out of the trading year. I feel like time is flying by to be honest & overall I am very happy with h…


K White’s Newsletter 💫 - Issue #9 (Operating in slow market days / knowing when to trade & capital preservation)

I have barely traded this week, but managed to end up $722. My full time job kept me occupied in hosting meetings & starting new projects, but also seen that a lot of the hours in the market this week happened to be slower & choppy. As I grow as a tra…


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #8 (Finding your edge in the market)

Good afternoon! Hope everyone had a great weekend & took some time away from the markets, but also took some time to prepare for the week. Friday sell off with the news about Ukraine & Russia caused a big selloff to end the Friday session. Understand …


K White’s Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #7 (How I use Unusual Whales)

Im sure people see a lot of traders posting about Unusual Whales & talking about following the flow, but a lot of people still do not know exactly what that means. Let's dive in and talk about how to follow the flow effectively and improve your options tr…


K White’s SPY Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #6 (Following your plan & not overtrading)

Today was a very slow day. Yesterday made 1.1k & put $400 into $PFE lottos. The play was free because even if I lost it all (which I did) I am still up $700 on the week. You want to make sure you outline your Risk to Reward & not throw everything into…


K White’s Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #5 (Strangles, riding IV, & SPY)

What a great start to the week. After about a 20k week last week wanted to come into today with a clean slate & make sure I focused on my rules. Having a short term memory in the market is the best thing that will drive your success. Rinse & repeat. C…


K White’s Trade Recaps 💫 - Issue #4 13k on PayPal with a strangle strategy / What is a strangle?

Man what a week this has been so far! Started this week with a big drawdown on Monday (-$4,000) & ended that day up $700 to now up $13,500 for the week so far. A lot of earnings the past couple weeks that include very big names (Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, A…


K White’s SPY Trade Recap 1/31 💫 - Issue #3 Refusing to lose, battling emotions, & managing risk

Today was a wild day to say the least. The last day of January & the first month of the trading year about to be complete. I was proud of myself for virtually cutting my size in half and my P&L right at $4,000 for the month. I wanted to focus on risk …


K White’s SPY Trade Recap 1/27 💫 - Issue #2 (Trading Plan / Rules & Sizing into plays)

Good evening! Tonight will talk about my trading rules and list them below, how I scale into options positions instead of always going full size immediately & my recap on the day. Let's get started with my rules below.Trading rules 💫Only one full position…


Newsletter of K White 💫 - Issue #1

Attached below Is my levels document where I talk about how the importance of key levels (support & resistance) & how I trade them on a daily.1/26 Today was a tough day if you were a new trader. Understand that volatility is great and needed to make m…