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It’s Friday, April 9th and I haven’t slept well this week. I always feel it deeply when there’s conflict around the world (Myanmar! 💔) - but one particular news story has caused a different anguish than normal.
It started with photos from Northern Ireland.

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy
Pictures from TODAY in Northern Ireland. Not 1971. Not 1981. Not 1991. But 2021. Where is the front page coverage in mainland UK of a peace project cracking at the seams? Because it seems the media have taken the view: what happens in Northern Ireland, stays in Northern Ireland. https://t.co/0r5Vt3OSxz
Suddenly, I was a little girl again.
One who still remembers what it was like as a visiting, naive 12-yr-old, seeking shelter in the London underground when a bomb threat shut down the Tube. It was so singularly different from any experience I’d had growing up in the USA.
Patriot Games had already come out but I hadn’t seen it yet and it was years before I understood the term, ‘The Troubles.’ Or knew they were the cause of that cowering in the underground. But I learned that day, what it meant to fear something I couldn’t see and didn’t understand.
So perhaps it’s not surprising that I now feel sadness when I see the photos and videos from Northern Ireland, taken on streets I walked down just a few years ago as an adult. It was 26 years after that visit to London that I walked the streets of Derry and then Belfast for the first time. But I walked them with the muscle memory of that 12 year old and the empathy of a now-graying adult. The murals, the black cabs, the living testimony of violence and bombs, felt more real to me because I had once cowered in fear of those very bombs.
my photos of [L] Derry, [R] Belfast
my photos of [L] Derry, [R] Belfast
Humanity’s immense propensity for violence, in response to fear and anger - which swells past borders and distinguishes not who should or shouldn’t be affected - no longer surprises me. But for all my lack of surprise, I am no less aggrieved than I was that day so long ago in 1990’s London.
I grieve with those who are hurting. I hope for resolution. And I hope, perhaps with as much naivety as that little girl… for peace.
All around the world. ❤️
…while all of that swirled in my head there was still humor, beauty, joy, solidarity, wonder, history & more to be found online:
Brent Spiner
When is Jeopardy going to get it? The public wants @levarburton to host the show!
Mark Hamill
Evidence is mounting that The Force has been with us...
ALWAYS. https://t.co/NatIHk7P5C
Gurdeep Pandher of Yukon
Today, I received my second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Then I went to a frozen lake in the lap of pure nature to dance Punjabi Bhangra on it for joy, hope and positivity, which I'm dispatching to Canada and beyond for everyone's good health.
YouTube: https://t.co/xGalq3TbEH https://t.co/GvivlIk5KY
It's #internationaldarkskyweek! Witnessing the beauty of the universe is one of few joys in life that are 100% free. Wherever possible, turn out lights this week so we can all observe the beauty of the night sky without light pollution ✨ photo is my own :) https://t.co/M6e0S1l6t8
maya cade
learn more about jeanne moutoussamy-ashe’s life and work in this brilliant oral history from @BOMBmagazine
https://t.co/oAAJXWfPqw https://t.co/LYqmTOTQWK
“When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you feel comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.” tweeted by Rossana
Scotland From Above - Drone Shots 4K Cinematic
Scotland From Above - Drone Shots 4K Cinematic
White Angels of Camargue - Europe's Last Cowboys (4K)
White Angels of Camargue - Europe's Last Cowboys (4K)
Artist Collaborates With the Wind Bringing Colorful Fabrics To Life in Dreamy Photos
The Root Bridges of Cherrapunji - The Atlas Obscura Podcast - Omny.fm
I'll leave you with,
a 🌸 Spring 🌸 photo of mine below, and
Thanks for sticking with me. I’m looking forward to bringing you stories from current travels, again, in future issues.
I hope to see you back here next Friday for the second edition of An Eye for Life: My Week Online. 💛 ✨
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