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Thank you for joining me for the 7th issue of my weekly newsletter. I’m ruminating on light after a visit to an outdoor art installation here in California and sharing intriguing things I found online this week. I hope you find it worth your time to read.

Field of Light
Small, rolling hills have blocked your view all the way from where you parked so you’re not sure what to expect. Then, the land opens. The vista before you is a deep depression in between more - larger - rolling hills, dotted with trees. Branches and trunks appear black, silhouetted in the low-lying late day sun. It’s Golden Hour as photographers say. When your eyes adjust to the backlighting you see strands of bright white standing out in stark relief to the dry, gold grasses and the black trees.
It’s not a colorful scene. Yet it has a certain serenity. You find a seat and wait, for the sun to set. Gradually the long strands of white tubing with small transparent balls at the end stop shining and lose their luster, to be replaced by subtle pin points of color. Green, purple, red, yellow, blue. The sky darkens and the last rays of sun slip behind the furthest hill. You begin to walk a path that traces its way somewhere above the lights but still within the valley. Above is a deep navy velvet broken only by the glow of a silver crescent moon. Below, the long strands of light have begun to come into their own. Green, purple, red, yellow, blue strands of light seem to be reaching away from earth and toward the heavens as if calling for someone. Or something. A few satellites and stars begin to appear in the velvet expanse overhead, blinking and slowly moving to their own rhythm.
The sound of a drumbeat meets your ears and you round a corner, to see towers of light. Bottle stacked upon bottle, clear glass, forming towers taller than anyone around you, glowing with more colored strands of light. You make your way slowly through them, weaving in and out, stopping only when you notice silhouettes formed by the lights. Your fellow attendees. Pausing to listen. To simply stare. To kiss a sweetheart or hug a loved one. No one is arguing here. No one is angry or in the mood to debate. No one is on one side or another. You’re all, just, enjoying the light… together… 
To see more images from Sensorio, or to book tickets, visit my latest photo essay.
This week I had posted about what’s happening in Israel and Palestine, on Instagram, after much studying and discussion with those whom it affects. Almost all responses to what I posted ranged from judgmental and assuming to violent and literally terrifying. There were threats of death to me and my loved ones. A level of vitriol that was unconscionable.
Those of you who regularly respond to this newsletter tell me you have felt glad for the way I address issues. But I may take a break from talking about them for a while. I recognize that is a form of privilege! That I am able to withdraw to protect myself while others are never able to turn away. But I also know as a survivor of suicide - more aware of that than ever during Mental Health Awareness Month - that if I don’t take care of my mental health, I may not live to fight another day for the rights and justice I feel my fellow human beings deserve.
I mention this because I pray that if you have a chance to respond to someone whose opinion you disagree with this week, you stop to think before you hit send on any message. How we respond to one another has very real consequences. And we never know what others are going through no matter what it seems like from photos or posts.
Elsewhere online this week...
Ailish Sinclair
In the bluebell woods. Waiting for the fairies. The scent is intense. #bluebells #Scotland https://t.co/vw0ziytk0W
butterfly-shaped structure houses urban rooftop garden in the heart of kuching, malaysia
https://t.co/HeOmXQde5x https://t.co/95wIHjRAVM
The Hidden World of Whale Culture
France is banning any short flight that can be replaced by a train trip
The no-fly travel agency that wants to take you the scenic route
this is a chance to win a Summer 2022 trip to Whistler with a value of $11,500 open to residents of Canada, US, UK and Australia ⤵️
Adventure Deeper in Whistler
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I’m still fundraising for 🇮🇳 Any photo that you purchase here, taken in India, will result in a 75% donation of the proceeds to India COVID relief.
just one example of a photo you could buy
just one example of a photo you could buy
When I Can't Get Outside
these playlists of natural white noise, birds & flowing stream sounds have really helped me feel calmer and less stressed
Sounds of Nature Relaxation | Spotify
Nature Noise | Spotify Playlist
I'll leave you with,
On Wednesday night, I hosted a Twitter Space - which is a bit like an old call in radio show - that morphed into a discussion about mental health. And one of the things that we all agreed really helps us, was this affirmation from TWLOHA:
Take a breath. You've got this.
with love, Kirsten
Thank you for reading! I hope to see you back here next Friday for the eighth edition of An Eye for Life. 💛 ✨
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