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📷 An Eye for Life: My Week Online 🎈 #10

Thank you for joining me for the 10th issue of my weekly newsletter after I accidentally skipped last week. I hope you will find it worth your time to read.

Moving Forward
Since I last wrote almost two weeks ago, there have been a lot of firsts occurring in my life. I got on a plane for the first time since March, February 2020. I left home for my first paid assignment as a photographer since before the pandemic began. I hugged another person who wasn’t my family member or my partner and I haven’t done that since long before the word COVID entered our consciousness. I dined indoors at a restaurant and I haven’t done that since March 2020.
It was all part of a work trip to Napa Valley, California on assignment creating photographs for several wine brands working with a group of people who were all fully vaccinated like I am and who followed safety precautions wherever necessary.
It had to happen, eventually.
I struggled with knowing when to go back to work and with choosing what assignment to start with. In the end, I chose the one that felt the most right and trusted my intuition after turning down several opportunities that felt more than a little gratuitous.
My choices will be different than yours. My firsts may be different from the ones you will have, or have already had. But I think they will come if they haven’t already. Because I believe we’re seeing a light at the end of the tunnel on a global scale. Phrases like vaccine equity are a part of our consciousness now, and that’s an idea our leaders are committing to. We’ve raised funds to help those who need help, together. Case numbers are going down and the numbers of those who are fully vaccinated are going up.
All the horror this pandemic has brought humanity - has changed us, forever. So that as we move forward, we are hopefully doing so with new appreciation for every new dawn we are given. I know I am. There was a moment one morning this past week where I thought for a second that sunrise had never looked as beautiful as it did then.
That story about the dash has even more meaning for me than it did before this pandemic began and yet I hope we don’t ever have to go through something like this again in order to simply appreciate the magic that is every new day we’re given. If for no other reason then for all the people who will no longer get that chance to move forward with us.
Though I really enjoyed it and I was so grateful to have fun work to do - my assignment did take up so much mental, emotional and physical energy, that I wasn’t online last week nor have I been online much this week. So what follows is a more abbreviated version of my normal weekly newsletter but I hope to see you next week with more about my time in Napa Valley or perhaps an entirely unknown story to share.
a hot air balloon over Napa Valley from a morning this week
a hot air balloon over Napa Valley from a morning this week
So, elsewhere online this week...
Did you know you don’t have to go all the way to New Zealand to experience a hobbit house ala Lord of the Rings? Those of us here in the USA, need only travel to Tennessee!
Ashley Hubbard Ⓥ (she/her)
Middle Earth has landed in rural Tennessee.

Check out my first piece for @Roadtrippers on living the hobbit life at Forest Gully Farms in McEwen, TN! @TNVacation

#LOTR #TheHobbit #MadeInTN #ThisIsSustainable
Is seeing bioluminescence on your “To Do List”? It’s on mine! Lonely Planet has some recommendations for where we could go:
Go for the Glow
This photo stopped me in my tracks:
Deserted Places 🏰
Thousands of butterflies leaving the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Michoacán, Mexico...
but I really wish that account had credited the photographer! Please always credit artists and creators when you share their work!!!
Let's Care Together
By recognizing Juneteenth and, if we don’t know, educating ourselves on what it is:
President Biden
Today, I had the honor of signing a bill to officially make Juneteenth a federal holiday. With this important step, all Americans can feel the power of the day, learn from our history, celebrate our progress, and grapple with the distance we still have to travel.
By educating ourselves on the flags that matter to those we know and love and those we have yet to get to know, understanding this is just one way in which we can show that we care:
LGBTQ Pride flags go beyond the classic rainbow
I'll leave you with,
this tweet that still sums up how I am feeling as I write this.
Thank you for reading! I hope to see you back here next Friday for the eleventh edition of An Eye for Life. 💛 ✨
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