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What if we...
Bullying is one of those terrible things that so many of us have experienced at least once in our lives. It is so harmful. The bullying I went through as a child at school has stayed with me into my 40s and still causes me nightmares. I know I’ve also been guilty of it in the past as a way of hiding my own insecurity, something I regret deeply.
I was thinking this morning, after I read this thread, what if we just… made sure we never bullied anyone personally? If enough of us made that choice, could we actually end bullying?
photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash
photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash
There’s so much of it online. It takes on new faces all of the time. It’s hard to fully escape when we spend so much of our time in virtual spaces where it’s easy for those who thrive off exerting negative pressure on others, to hide behind devices and veils of anonymity. It manifests in ways that we often don’t even realize and in what we’re told to believe about ourselves. That’s what I thought of when reading this essay this week. 
One of the reasons I take the time to compile this newsletter is in the constant hope it will be an antidote to negativity online. A place you can always come to be inspired, and to find + support good people.
The thread I was referencing is such a delight. If you are on Twitter, I really hope you will click through to read this in its entirety:
Richard R Clark 🇺🇦
A wee thread about a young boy and the tweet that got away. Feel free to RT.

Three weeks ago my youngest, Gabriel 12, came home upset. His love of woodwork was not deemed cool, nor was only having 6 followers on his instagram. 1/15
Elsewhere since I last wrote
Helga finds & makes magic from mundane things. She is also on IG.
Helga Stentzel
@thatsval @ScottTezlaf @mbrrranson @proportio @LisaODT @Melisslikesushi @printsbymari @Valerie_Bi Thank you so much for the tag, Val! Would be honoured if I am selected to get featured :) Here are a few of my art-works - I try to find magic in mundane things :)

More on my IG
Manila-based Leeroy New reclaims our plastic to give it new life as art.
“Balete” (2022)
“Balete” (2022)
Javi Lorbada is one of the photographers I met through Exposure. You should view more of his work here and purchase prints here.
Javi Lorbada
When neature delivers while running. Shot on iPhone.
Indigenous & native beadwork has been one of my favorite things since I learned more about it in 🇨🇦 I feel such a thrill whenever I discover a new artist keeping the tradition alive, like Jamie Thompson. Buy here.
Jamie Thompson (she/her/elle)
SO excited to share my latest & greatest piece!!! This shading took so so many tries to get just right 🫀❤️ #Metis #Beadwork
I'll leave you with,
some Spring blooms. Happy Easter if you celebrate. 🌸 And Ramadan Mubarak to those observing.
Kirsten p: kearstin 🇺🇦
cause every day in April should be 🌸 day and for those who need an antidote to everything else in the feed
Shukraan & Merci for reading this and supporting all I do. Until the next edition of “An Eye for Life,” I’m sending you love.
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