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An Eye for Life #22 👋 Hello, 2022!

Thank you to all who have been here since the beginning, those who signed up after I began this newsletter, and all the new subscribers since I last wrote 🙏 Catch up with past issues here.

Hello! 👋 Long time no see! 🥰 When I concluded a “season” of writing this newsletter in December, I didn’t think it would be this long before I wrote again.
But here it is, April! If it brings showers and May… flowers, what does June bring?
rain here in California usually falls on succulents
rain here in California usually falls on succulents
I’m already thinking ahead to that precious time of year that has historically meant vacation in the United States - summer! - and hoping I can make the trip I had planned for 2020, finally happen in 2022. 
perhaps a return to Paris?
perhaps a return to Paris?
A few weeks or months in Europe to catch up with friends I haven’t seen face to face in far too long, is the goal. Something about what’s happening in Ukraine - on the heels of several years of COVID - has made me realize that more than ever, we must seize the moment. For if not now, when?
What are you up to? Will you hit reply and let me know? In the meantime, here are some things online that I have enjoyed or which have impacted me in some way since I last wrote:
Inspiring Mister Rogers Quotes
A Country Indifferent to Death
©️ Cat Holmes
©️ Cat Holmes
danté vincent
Finally getting around to watching Downton Abbey and Dame Maggie Smith absolutely SLAYS playing the Dowager Countess. She is the 🐐

As I watch each episode, I'm making a thread of her greatest moments, of course starting with her "what is a weekend?" line #DowntonAbbey
Vala Afshar
I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.

—James Baldwin
The world is simply not complete without you in it. Please stay.
Let's Care Together
about People: by supporting Equality Florida and the ACLU in FL, writing letters to voters with Vote Riders, writing postcards to voters, and helping register voters with Field Team 6
about Planet: by subscribing to Tomorrow’s Air
I'll leave you with,
some tips for how to better your travel photography from an interview I did with Portico Travel, my favorite places to enjoy Spring in California, and a photo essay from the archives dedicated to one, a garden here in LA:
Spring at Descanso Gardens
Mam'noon & merci for reading. Until the next edition of “An Eye for Life,” I’m sending you love.
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