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📷 An Eye for Life #16 9️⃣ la rentrée

Thank you for joining me for the 16th issue of my bi-weekly newsletter which is designed to be inspirational as well as informative. I include, as I now do in every issue, some action items for how we can care together for people + planet.

September is
not quite autumn, nor is it summer. It’s touted almost globally as ‘back to school time’ but for those of us who are single without children or no longer in university, it’s just another month. It might be a return to work after being on vacation all month if you’re European but in the USA, that’s not as common. It’s the beginning of pumpkin spice season for those who love the trend and for those that don’t, it’s just a month closer to that time where we’re able to have a slice of pumpkin pie for breakfast after Thanksgiving 😉 I adore the French term for September: la rentrée. A phrase that can’t really be translated, it’s widely used in my Francophile circles because it so well encompasses the vibe of this month.
September is also a big deal for hot air balloon enthusiasts in the USA where from the Adirondacks to Reno, hot air balloon festivals occur all month long and into October. It’s why I’ve thinking back on all of the experiences I’ve had in a hot air balloon around the world and felt compelled to share a look at them via this photo essay.
an image of mine that Samsung Cameras used in advertising
an image of mine that Samsung Cameras used in advertising
Subtly pink sunrise light, filtered through a hazy sky, softened the scene and gently illuminated a dazzle of zebras who grazed between broccoli-shaped trees in grass like spun gold. [Tanzania, pictured above]
One of India’s first, and one of the only, female hot air balloon pilots guided us over rivers still and reflective as glass that wove their way through seemingly-endless stretches of palm trees while fog married with smoke from fires lent the landscape an even more dreamlike quality. Dulling the edges and sharpening the vista’s center. [Goa]
The earth from above while I’ve been in a hot air balloon has always seemed almost devoid of conflict. Perfect, full of idealized beauty. And yet not in any of the ways which, when we idealize beauty, cause harm. I think I’ve always loved being in a hot air balloon because it feels like the closest a human being can get to being a bird. And I’ve often envied birds. It’s so quiet. So thrilling even though it’s so slow at the same time.
DYK that a hot-air balloon is called an aerostat? More terminology, here.
And finally, September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and the first step in helping prevent suicide is being aware of the signs and mindful of how we treat others. I find TWLOHA and NAMI to be solid resources and echo this paragraph from NAMI’s site as someone who has personally attempted, but survived, suicide.
It can be frightening if someone you love talks about suicidal thoughts. It can be even more frightening if you find yourself thinking about dying or giving up on life. Not taking these kinds of thoughts seriously can have devastating outcomes, as suicide is a permanent solution to (often) temporary problems.
If you, or someone you know, is at risk - please don’t hesitate: Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or call 911.
If you’re reading this from outside the USA and have international resources to recommend, or if you have other USA resources to recommend, please hit reply and let me know. I can share them in the next issue to help all in this community who might need the information. And thank you for caring about this issue ❤️
Elsewhere online since I last wrote
Rachel Roberts
Lake Kaniere, one of the most compositionally perfect lakes in NZ and just 30 minutes from home ☺️
Do you watch Ted Lasso? Hit reply and let’s chat about it, if you do!
Wondering why restaurants are understaffed? Read this.
a note for my fellow Creatives
a note for my fellow Creatives
Let's Care Together
about People: by educating ourselves on what Hawai'i residents really want from visitors. Start with the breakdown at the end of the latest issue of The Statesider and then read this piece on AFAR. And yes, I was on O'ahu in early summer. I probably wouldn’t make that same choice, now. Join the fight against what’s happening to healthcare in the USA for women, low-income, trans, rape and incest survivors by donating to or getting involved with:
  • TEA Fund offers funding for low-income people seeking abortions who cannot afford it, and also advocates for increased access to abortions as a fundamental healthcare right.
  • Whole Woman’s Health Alliance aims to end the stigma around abortion in society, and runs a network of clinics offering abortion resources.
  • Center for Reproductive Rights, a global legal advocacy group that has strengthened reproductive health laws in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.
about Planet: Sign up and get this guide with 26 tried-and-true ways to do your part for the climate or be among the first to receive your own Futurescore and get personalized recommendations to lower your carbon footprint. Subscribe with me to Tomorrow’s Air so we can clean carbon from the atmosphere together. Or join me in planting our change.
I'll leave you with,
this Vancouver flashback I recently posted. If you’re able to safely visit, here’s my City Guide to help you make the most of it.
Kirsten p: kearstin
on this day, a few years back, eating our way through Vancouver
Tofa soifua! Merci for reading. I hope to see you back here in two weeks for the 17th edition of An Eye for Life. 💛 ✨
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