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📷 An Eye for Life #15 🙏 Holding Onto Hope

Thank you for joining me for the 15th issue of my bi-weekly newsletter!

Holding Onto Hope
Read or watch news right now and there may not be a lot to feel encouraged by. It doesn’t even seem to matter where you get your news from - unless you’re getting it from GoodGoodGood - it’s all pretty much the same. It’s a bummer. It’s clear the ‘positive vibes only’ trend sweeping social media posts has not overtaken news.
And yet, why do we keep going? Why do we get up each day?
I think it’s because we’re holding onto hope.
Sometimes it’s not easy. It can feel like trying to actually see air. Or smell change. Cure cancer or homelessness, split the atom. Or explain the reason sunrises and sunsets are so magical (they just are!). Hope is a challenge we rise to, nonetheless.
Again and again. Even when we get slightly off balance, the wind feels as if it will blow us over or the path seems unclear.
For those like me who can struggle at times but persist in holding onto hope, I write this newsletter. So you won’t feel alone. So you’ll know someone else out there holds onto hope too. Even when it’s hard to do so.
And then looks for it in every nook and cranny she can find. To share the bits and bobs with you.
Elsewhere online since I last wrote,
It was #NationalDogDay yesterday. Do we even deserve dogs?! David’s dog seems like the definition of man’s best friend. [see more]
David C. Weinczok, FSA Scot
@dog_rates This is Calvin in Edinburgh, Scotland, and he is very concerned that I am still working after 5:30pm. He's my work-life balance guru 🐶
If the photographer who took this image hadn’t also shared a behind the scenes video, I might not have believed this was real:
Christopher Balladarez
California sunsets. The craziest sunset I’ve ever witnessed. These are lenticular clouds burning during a sunset. This is known as the “Sierra Wave.” A type of air current created by winds that lift off the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
I’d never thought about morning glories like this. But I love it and I’m not surprised this wisdom came from Bethany, she’s a font of it.
Bethany Rydmark 🌱
Morning glory.

A lesson in curling up tight for the night to wake fresh and grow again.
Do you have a relative that loves you this much? I hope you do.
An Australian Sheep Farmer Uses His Animals To Offer A Tribute To His Late Aunt
Roya Heydari
I left my whole life, my home in order to continue to have a voice. Once again,I am running from my motherland. Once again, I am going to start from zero.
I took only my cameras and a dead soul with me across an ocean. With a heavy heart, goodbye motherland.
Until we meet again
That broke my heart open. Yet I find hope in the continued resilience of women like Roya and I would wish not to further add to the weight of the world that’s already on their shoulders.
Let's Care Together
About People: Tell your rep to vote for the #BreakTheCycle of Violence Act which will address the disproportionate impact that gun violence has on Black communities. Give to RAICES, who are operating on the national frontlines of the fight for immigration rights so that all people have the right to seek a safe and secure future for their families. Or give to CARE who are assisting Afghan refugees, people in Haiti and those right here in the USA affected by disaster today, and everyday.
About the Planet: Subscribe with me to Tomorrow’s Air and we can clean carbon from the atmosphere together. Or plant your change. Maybe just stop accepting cotton reusable bags when people try to give them to you for free. We all have enough of those. And it turns out, they may be a problem!
I'll leave you with,
this 2017 flashback from the Yukon. Where the colors of the night sky during Aurora season don’t even need enhancement. All I did to this image was dodge and burn a bit to brighten exposure.
Tot ziens! Adijo! Merci for reading. I hope to see you back here in two weeks for the sixteenth edition of An Eye for Life. 💛 ✨
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