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📷 An Eye for Life #14 🧳 Let's Talk Travel Part II

Thank you so much for joining me for the 14th issue of my now bi-weekly newsletter. I’m going to jump right in…

Let's Talk [More] About Travel
The last time I wrote, it was to share a global perspective on travel from readers, followers and respondents to the question I posed on social media which was, “How do you feel about people visiting where you live right now?
You can read that here.
It wasn’t always easy to read the responses because you’d be hard pressed to find someone who loves traveling more than me. And yet so many people said, simply, don’t come now. It’s not safe for us or you.
It was a hard pill to swallow when nothing in my four decades of life on this earth has made me as fulfilled - or helped me feel that I finally belonged somewhere, quite as much - as being a person who traveled for the purpose of sharing those travels with others, so that they could understand people and places they didn’t yet know or not might ever be able to know themselves. To help people feel inspired in some small as to the beauty and wonder out there in the world.
a moment between meetings with the most incredible people in Cuba
a moment between meetings with the most incredible people in Cuba
And yet…
The responses also squared up with my belief that travel is not in fact safe to engage in - until more people, everywhere, are vaccinated.
It’s actually why I hadn’t boarded a plane even once between March 2020 and June 2021 and only did so after I was fully vaccinated because I had to work and knew everyone I’d be working with was vaccinated too.
In short, my priorities always came out with the health and safety of others as more important than my own desire to be out there exploring.
I still felt longing. I’m only human. But I stayed home.
Then this week, my friend Erica’s post helped me see the nuance that had been missing from so much vitriol online between those who are, or are not, vaccinated. And the media that fuels a fire dividing us all.
This is her post. Shared with permission.
I don’t know how else to say this, but I am the immunocompromised person you vaccinate for.
I believe in vaccines because I believe in science, and because medicine is what keeps me out of a wheelchair.
I am the person in a hospital on a monthly basis who reads the tweet/post/op-ed of someone saying to the world: Covid is not that bad, they/their cousin/sisters roommate had it and survived it.
I am the person who reads the news about vaccine passports and restaurants requiring proof of vaccination and I go from lamenting traveling anywhere for the next few years, to now imagining a future where I cannot experience even the small joy of dining out.
I try to empathize with the healthy who refuse the thing that could keep people like me safe. But my life lately, like so many others, has become reduced to one fact: those who tell me they want to make individualistic choices do not feel the gravity of how their choice takes away mine.
This is Erica.
© Erica Bean
© Erica Bean
I’m not the gifted writer that she is. But I hope you can understand, anyway, what I’m trying to share.
As we make our choices for how to proceed until COVID is eradicated, I hope we all keep people like Erica top of mind.
Because I wonder… if we’d thought from the beginning that the wellbeing of others was at least as important as our own, would we still be talking about COVID in August 2021?
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About People: I think I covered that this time in my essay, so I’ll leave it there for now 😉 💛
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Afskeid! Hejdå för nu! Merci for reading. I hope to see you back here in two weeks for the fifteenth edition of An Eye for Life. 💛 ✨
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