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📷 An Eye for Life #12 🌴 from Hawaii

Thank you for joining me for the 12th issue of my now bi-weekly newsletter. I’m taking you to Hawaii and sharing intriguing things I found online during the last two weeks. I hope you find it worth your time to read!

Aloha from Oʻahu
also known as “The Gathering Place” or the Heart of Hawaii. It is the third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands and home to roughly one million people [source]. The town of Kailua has been our home base since we arrived after boarding our first flight out of the state of California in more than 15 months. My partner Danté is here for work and he kindly invited me to accompany him.
Danté enjoys sunrise here on O'ahu.
Danté enjoys sunrise here on O'ahu.
Since we arrived I have been talking to Hawaiian friends online, frequenting small businesses here in Kailua while talking to the owners and other customers, walking or biking around instead of driving, wearing my mask and respecting other requirements for health/safety, visiting the ocean, swimming in the pool at the house we’re staying at and reading about Hawaiian culture and language through such books as ‘Ōlelo No‘eau by Mary Abigail Kawena­ʻula­o­ka­lani­a­hiʻiaka­i­ka­poli­o­pele­ka­wahine­ʻai­honua­i­nā­lei­lehua­a­pele Wiggin Pukui, (April 20, 1895 – May 21, 1986) known affectionately as Tūtū Pukui [source].
One of the things the people of Hawaii really want us visitors to know, is that there is a better way to visit these islands than the way in which most of us historically have; and this is a great article that goes more into detail on that issue as does this article on what not to do.
This morning when I woke up there were cotton candy-tinted clouds filling the blue sky outside our window. I rushed out the door half running, half struggling to strap on my sandals, as I did so, without even brushing my teeth or grabbing a coffee - still in my pajamas - to the beach! All to catch a lovely sunrise. Because like I wrote about a few weeks ago, I think really appreciating things like a stunning sunrise is just one of the many, many ways to use our dash well and I didn’t want to miss this one.
If you visit Kailua
These are some of the residents or local businesses that have made this trip special for us. Bookmark this so that if you’re ever on O'ahu, you can support some of these as well.
  • Lori owns Classic Waves, a boutique that specializes in representing artists and makers who live here in town or on O'ahu. Her husband Pete is one of our hosts and they’re the most wonderful couple.
  • Jhanavi aka Gypsy Eyed Girl is one of the artists who sells jewelry in Lori’s store and the proceeds are helping her pay her own way through college while majoring in marketing.
  • Suzanne Jennerich is another O'ahu-based artist with a beautiful Klimt-inspired mermaid mural [and goods for sale] in Lori’s store.
  • Courtney is also one of our hosts and affiliated with Morning Brew - which we have loved! If you visit, try the Café Vienna with cinnamon and honey.
  • Donut King makes a croissant donut bite that is HEAVENLY.
  • Bookends is a rambling yet still humble bookstore that stocks new and used books. It’s where I purchased ‘Ōlelo No‘eau. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook to know when authors stop by to sign books.
  • After you stop by Morning Brew for your coffee, head to Over Easy for breakfast or brunch. A favorite of our group this week, as is their sister outpost for BBQ, Easy ‘Que.
  • Kalapawai Market has been serving the community since 1932 and after visiting it was easy to see why it’s so beloved in the community.
  • The incredible Douglas Pooloa Tolentino, who we heard play last night, can usually be found at Halekulani [which I love] when it’s open but right now plays at their new property, Halepuna.
  • Jenna Moore LMT rocked our world last night and could do the same for you when you visit O'ahu as she does mobile massage and is trained in both Eastern & Western modalities.
And because Mary Kawena Pukui’s book, which celebrates Hawaiian proverbs and poetical sayings, has meant so much to me this week, here’s a passage from the section beginning with the letter K:
Ka wai lewa i ka makani [Hawaiian]
The water that sways in the breeze. [The coconut, which contains water and is found in clusters high up in the tree.]
Elsewhere Online Lately
Baby animal videos are always cute, right? But this one…
Danny Deraney
Would you like to see a puppy with a birdy on its back walking along side baby ducks?

Of course you do.
For my fellow Francophiles since Bastille Day is coming up:
NY's Celebration will be in Central Park this year. If you live there, or nearby, will you join?
Diving into the weekend like...
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I'll leave you with,
  • this self portrait I took at our rental soon after we arrived. I was so happy to see that pool and be traveling again. Just filled with so much gratefulness in this moment.
  • an invitation to join us for a very special #ScotlandHour on July 14th - Scotland Taking Action - in partnership with VisitScotNews, ASVA and Green Tourism.
  • and here are my first and second post on Instagram as well as my Stories about this trip to O'ahu. More to come, of course!
Mahalo for reading! A hui hou [until we meet, or I write, again]. I hope to see you in two weeks for the thirteenth edition of An Eye for Life. 💛 ✨
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