An Eye for Life

By Kirsten

A periodic newsletter that helps you discover the work of creatives around the globe and ways you can help people + planet. Also includes notable online moments, photos, and an original short essay by Kirsten Alana.

A periodic newsletter that helps you discover the work of creatives around the globe and ways you can help people + planet. Also includes notable online moments, photos, and an original short essay by Kirsten Alana.

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An Eye for Life #23 🤔 What if we...

Bullying is one of those terrible things that so many of us have experienced at least once in our lives. It is so harmful. The bullying I went through as a child at school has stayed with me into my 40s and still causes me nightmares. I know I've also been gu…


An Eye for Life #22 👋 Hello, 2022!

Hello! 👋 Long time no see! 🥰 When I concluded a “season” of writing this newsletter in December, I didn’t think it would be this long before I wrote again. But here it is, April! If it brings showers and May… flowers, what does June bring?


An Eye for Life #21 ❤️ Thank you!

I still vividly remember in March 2020 how many people in my professional and social media circles predicated that "'this virus thing' will be over in a few weeks."Sometimes when I close my eyes, it seems like yesterday.Sometimes, it feels like 20 years ago.I…


An Eye for Life #20 🎨 Artist Roundup II

As we reach that time of year that Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday all compete for our attention, I find myself hoping that you will concentrate the most on that last one. So many big businesses actually experienced record profits du…


📷 An Eye for Life #19 💀 Día de Muertos

It started before I moved to Los Angeles but it wasn't long after moving, that I really began to feel a bit obsessed with the concept of Día de Muertos. Which occurs annually around the same time as Halloween and is therefore often confused with it; but which…


📷 An Eye for Life #18 🇦🇹 Let's go to Austria

you aren't alone. In fact you have as company some 80% of my followers on Instagram who must have missed the last time I visited in 2017 when I shared posts such as this and this.It's a state in westernmost Austria, bordering Switzerland and Lichtenstein; wit…


📷 An Eye for Life #17 - First 🔴🟢🔵Photo

When I began what would eventually be my career in photography in high school, I was shooting 35mm black and white film and developing plus printing it myself in our school's darkroom. It was my happy place!Eventually the world of color called to me and I wan…


📷 An Eye for Life #16 9️⃣ la rentrée

not quite autumn, nor is it summer. It's touted almost globally as 'back to school time' but for those of us who are single without children or no longer in university, it's just another month. It might be a return to work after being on vacation all month if…


📷 An Eye for Life #15 🙏 Holding Onto Hope

Read or watch news right now and there may not be a lot to feel encouraged by. It doesn't even seem to matter where you get your news from - unless you're getting it from GoodGoodGood - it's all pretty much the same. It's a bummer. It's clear the 'positive vi…


📷 An Eye for Life #14 🧳 Let's Talk Travel Part II

The last time I wrote, it was to share a global perspective on travel from readers, followers and respondents to the question I posed on social media which was, "How do you feel about people visiting where you live right now?"You can read that here.It wasn't …


📷 An Eye for Life #13 ✈️ Let's Talk Travel

Here in the USA the online conversations in my communities have turned more and more from where people could travel when they can travel again, to where they are traveling.


📷 An Eye for Life #12 🌴 from Hawaii

also known as "The Gathering Place" or the Heart of Hawaii. It is the third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands and home to roughly one million people [source]. The town of Kailua has been our home base since we arrived after boarding our first flight out of the …


📷 An Eye for Life: My Week Online 💜 #11

I'm still unsure of what I can share about the work I did in Napa Valley, so I'm taking a few minutes of your time this week to transport you to Los Angeles. I've called the city home since 2018.When I moved here from New York, I knew the seasons would be dif…


📷 An Eye for Life: My Week Online 🎈 #10

Since I last wrote almost two weeks ago, there have been a lot of firsts occurring in my life. I got on a plane for the first time since March, February 2020. I left home for my first paid assignment as a photographer since before the pandemic began. I hugged…


📷 An Eye for Life: My Week Online 💌 #9

Years ago I attended a conference where the speaker ended with a story about the significance of the parenthesis that follows the name of people who are no longer with us. Such as: (March 3, 1892 – December 11, 1975). The speaker believes the significance is …


📷 An Eye for Life: My Week Online 🇯🇵 #8

Last week on Twitter, Samantha said in a conversation we were having that she was 'learning to live vicariously in the mistakes.'The context was about making drafts of what we want to say and checking them before sending so that we could catch spelling errors…


📷 An Eye for Life: My Week Online 💡 #7

Small, rolling hills have blocked your view all the way from where you parked so you’re not sure what to expect. Then, the land opens. The vista before you is a deep depression in between more - larger - rolling hills, dotted with trees. Branches and trunks a…


📷 An Eye for Life: My Week Online 🎨 #6

Now that I am six weeks into sending this newsletter, I want to say thank you for being here. I can't put into words what it has meant to me to receive your messages, your replies, tips and your feedback communicating that you enjoy what I send and look forwa…


📷 An Eye for Life: My Week Online 🇮🇳 #5

India has given us Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Ayurveda, shampoo, chess, chai, yoga - which is practiced the world over - and so much more. It's the home of complex systems which have been written about before. By better writers than I. How dabbawalas in Mumbai de…


📷 An Eye for Life: My Week Online 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #4

Can you really LOVE a place? I think you can. I think it can happen similarly to how people often characterize romantic love, at first sight. And not in the literal sense. But with the idea that once a place is known, you look back and realize you can't pinpo…