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Weekly Topix of Kingdom@Japornxxx(37K) - Issue #19

Weekly Topix of Kingdom@Japornxxx(40K)
In this newsletter, I would like to share my views on the new AV law in Japan.
First of all, the origin of this law is the issue of coercion to perform in adult films and the lowering of the age of adulthood in Japan to 18 years old.
However, the original issue of coercion to perform in adult films was not a fact either, and it was promoted behind the scenes while the public’s attention was focused on the war in Ukraine, without asking the opinions of those working in the adult film industry, in order to gather publicity for some human rights groups and feminist organizations for the upcoming elections. 
The election was carried out under the radar while the public’s attention was focused on the war in Ukraine.
During this time, various outside speculations were made on social media, but few knew the true nature of the situation.
Even those who actually work in the industry probably don’t know all the ins and outs.
From the time this new AV law was first discussed, we knew that it would not protect actresses, actors, staff, production companies, or AV makers, but the industry organizations, IPPA and the Production Association, remained silent and stood idly by in useless meetings.
The fundamental problem is the exploitation of the Japanese scouting system and production companies, and it all boils down to that.
Of course, there are problems with the AV makers and the AV industry, but there is a powerful cozy relationship between the production companies that supply the actresses and the AV makers that demand them.
The new AV law was created to solve the superficial problems without improving those problems, but the AV industry’s trade associations are still trying hard to protect their own interests.
Even in the case of the previous issue of coercion, the industry groups have already taken the initiative in making rules and eliminating all but what they call “appropriate AV”.
The definition of appropriate porn is defined by the industry association, and the industry association forces people to buy seals that have been screened and approved by the industry association. This is nothing more than a siphoning off of concessions.
Loopholes also exist with regard to the contracts that have been determined.
The total amount of the fee is presented and the fees for the production and models are open, but where do the non-actresses get their missing share of the fee?
The production people are not willing to give the money to the actresses even if it means a decrease in their own profits.
In other words, when a problem arises, AV companies according to the balance of power get together and form an industry group to decide the rules, but only after the problem has occurred. The new AV law will be similarly delayed.
The Japanese AV industry has always been slow to react to problems and changes like this. In other words, it is too late.
Under the new AV law, actresses, actors, and extras are required to sign a performance contract one month prior to the shoot, and if they do not change their mind about agreeing to be filmed on the day of the shoot one month later, they are allowed to do so.
However, if an actor falls ill or gets injured, for example, the cast cannot be changed and the shooting is canceled.
In other words, the work booked a month in advance is wasted.
If the filming is completed and there are no objections from any of the actors for the next four months, the film will be released.
However, if any of the performers raise objections during the first two years of the contract, the contract is unconditionally cancelled and the film cannot be released.
This means that only a limited number of actresses will be able to work, and it will be difficult to shoot films in which they co-star. If the number of jobs for actresses decreases, the number of jobs for actors and staff also decreases.
Japan has the second largest number of adult film actresses in the world.
It is still impossible to provide work for that many actresses, but after the new AV law, the number of jobs will decrease even more drastically.
In addition, large AV companies do not produce their own AV and are supported by production companies, but after the new law comes into effect, production costs will not be paid to the production companies at the beginning, and if the AV is successfully released five months later, the production costs will be paid after the rebuilding. However, after this law is enforced, the production company will not be paid the initial production fee, but will be reimbursed if it successfully releases the product after 5 months.
This is just one example, but each company’s response varies, and nothing has been decided.
The IPPA and production associations will have to wait and see what happens before taking action.
If this happens, there will be less work for actresses, and actors will also lose their jobs.
In addition, there is a possibility that production companies and production companies will sign a new agreement with actresses and actors that they will not object to the shoot cancel, which could lead to coercion.
Right now, companies are rushing to shoot their productions before the new AV law is officially enforced.
So July will be a very busy month for filming, but from August, there will be no filming.
This new AV law is not a law to protect sex workers. Anyone who seems to be happy that the law has been passed and porn is now recognized as a job is a fool.
The new law will make the regulations more strict and free expression will not be possible.
Many actresses, actors, and staff will lose their jobs.
Who is this new AV law for?
Are those who do not work in the porn industry righteous and all those who work in the porn industry are evil?
Adults have the right to make their own decisions.
Who wants a law that only addresses the problem at the top and imposes restrictions, without the obvious intention of preventing problems from occurring in the first place?
I don’t see anything bright in the future for AV in Japan right now.

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Weekly Topix of Kingdom@Japornxxx(40K)
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