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By Kieran Glover

Sunday Brief - Issue #3





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Sunday Brief - Issue #3
By Kieran Glover • Issue #3 • View online
👋 Hey, welcome back to Sunday Brief, this is issue 3 of my weekly email newsletter for creative professionals. where I share my thoughts, inspiration, life lessons and interesting reads from that week.
As you may have noticed last weekend I missed the usual posting schedule as life stuff just got in the way. But it got me thinking about ways we can optimize and automate certain day-to-day tasks, helping us free up much needed time to focus on things we really enjoy and that may be more valuable and productive.
So this week during my lunch breaks, I thought it would be fun to try and set up a few automated workflows.

Using Automation to Boost Productivity in the Workplace
What I’ve been thinking about
So as I gave away in the intro already, I’ve been spending a lot of time this week thinking about AI and automation.
Now I’ve always been a fan of hacking together fun little automations using Zapier and IFTTT. Anything from getting reminders to drink water every hour via Telegram, to hand washing reminders when I’m close by my apartment. But during the last week I stumbled across an awesome Podcast over on Indie Hackers that was a real eye-opener.
After listening to this Podcast with intent, I was pretty amazed that AI and automation is now at the stage that even entire side-hustles can and are being run on autopilot thanks to a growing number of automation workflow tools that don’t require complex models and a PhD in Mathematics.
Using A.I. to Become a Superpowered Indie Hacker with Przemek Chojecki of Contentyze - The Indie Hackers Podcast
My favorite things this week
So on the back of this, I thought it would be fitting to share a couple of articles and tools I stubbed upon that are making AI and automation more accessible.
Quote of the week
Can we reframe the education, the research and the dialog of AI and technology in general in a human-centered way.
A quote by computer scientist Fei-Fei Li
So that’s it for issue #3 of Sunday Brief. I hope you enjoyed this and it brightened up your inbox ☀️Thanks again for taking the time to read and I hope you have a great week!
Resources for creative
As a web designer / developer working on a creative agency, I’m always on the lookout for new tools to a) keep me more productive and b) help me do my job better. Check out some of my favorite tried and tested tools:
  • Notion - My all time favorite note taking/productivity app
  • Digital Ocean - My go-to tool for spinning up blogs, websites and more
  • Webflow - The tool I used most often at work to Build better business websites, faster. Without coding
  • - Used both personally and professionally, Landbot makes it intuitive and easy to make both simple and complex chat bot experiences. The best part is, it’s a no-code tool.
P.S - Some of these links are affiliate links.
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Kieran Glover

Welcome to the Sunday Brief ☕️ My name is Kieran Glover and I'm a Senior Partner at a leading creative consultancy in Cambodia. Every Sunday I write a weekly email newsletter for creative professionals where I share my thoughts, inspiration, life lessons and interesting reads from that week.

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