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Newsletter of Khoob - Issue #1

Newsletter of Khoob
Hello there!
Firstly I trust everyone is keeping safe and healthy during these trying times. Many of you know me as the Founder, CEO of Lazy Eight. Early last year I launched Khoob. Khoob is a venture studio where we invest and build interesting Indian companies. Starting with our first issue (this one) we will be covering the latest news regarding investments and ventures coming out of Khoob, career opportunities and of course early invites into our latest products:). Hope you enjoy our Newsletter and please stay safe.
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New Investments
Luxury Mobility As A Service.
We’ve always been a firm believer of renting vs. owning. We think post 2020 our belief in this has become stronger. Post this pandemic, many Luxury brands have had to rethink distribution channels, product lines and how their customers can experience their product. It’s basically been a five year rethink within one year. We believe Luxury products and services are here to stay, but the way they will be consumed / experienced will change post this new normal. We’re super happy to be a part of this journey with Hype as they reshape how Luxury based goods and services will be experienced in the future. 
India’s Newest EV Charging Network.
There is no denying that EV (Electric Vehicles) are the future. In India we are currently in the early stages of seeing mass adoption. One of the biggest pain points for current Indian EV owners is the lack of good EV charging infrastructure. We love how the team at Sunfuel is aiming to address this through a network of unique charging solutions. Outside of adding the component of advertising to further subsidise the cost, the team at Sunfuel is working on some other great add-ons to provide a near “free charge” solution which we think will disrupt the space as we know it. 
New Ventures
Write, Share, Publish. Offset Your Carbon Footprint.
As a product, with Litenote the aim was simple: To build a blazingly fast note taking tool which is quicker than Notion and Google Docs. As an idea, with Litenote we wanted to build “Green Software”. Many companies are figuring out smart ways to integrate carbon neutrality as a synergistic part of their core offering. eg. Climate by the team at Stripe is a great example. With Litenote we have partnered up Agroforestation organisations around the world to help us plant trees. Agroforestry is a land-use management system in which trees are grown around or among crops or pastureland. This diversification of the farming system initiates an agroecological succession, like that in natural ecosystems, and so starts a chain of events that enhance the functionality and sustainability of the farming system. The trees planted not only help remove carbon from the atmosphere, but also provides incremental income for the farmer. Each tree we plant at an average removes 22 Kg of carbon per year and approximately 1 ton of carbon throughout its lifetime. 
Early Access: Please click the following: Try Litenote (beta)
Search And Manage Your Mobile Screenshots, Magically.
A few of you in this group probably remember when Gmail just launched. They would increase your email storage slowly, day after day. Your reaction: A giant smile. Today it’s more like: ‘So my emails were on Google servers’?! ‘Who had access to my emails, data’?! Privacy, specifically data privacy is at the helm of most tech world conversations. We recently launched Jaadoo Technologies, the aim is to use AI and ML to build client side mobile productivity tools. Client side is key here. The aim with Jaadoo products is that all the processing will happen on your phone and nothing ever leaves your phone. ie. No server side processing. The first product out of Jaadoo Technologies is a simple tool that helps you search and manage your screenshots for free. 
Early Access: Please click the following: Jaadoo: Android (beta). for Jaadoo: iOS (beta) - Please reply to this newsletter to receive Test Flight Access.
Every newsletter we will be covering one component of our thesis. Specifically the verticals we are exploring, both from an investment perspective as well as venture building and why.
The Future of Media
The Future of Media
Media as we know it is evolving. Short form vs. Long form. Paid vs. Free. Curated vs. Editorial. Pro Fact vs. Pro Opinion. What we consume, to how and from where is now radically shifting. This is the reason we are looking to invest in and build out ventures that will be a part of this new shift.
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Newsletter of Khoob
Newsletter of Khoob @khoobgroup

We are a venture studio that builds and invests in interesting Indian companies.

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